Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Don't Expect Instant Miracles from President Trump on January 20

And on the seventh day God had finished his work of creation FDR had his 100 days JFK had 1,000 days President Obama spent 8 years transforming America to his vision And now many expect instant miracles from the GOP Congress and President Trump on January 20. A sweep of his pen stroke and all will be undone Would it were so simple! The Obama legacy is a combination of statutes. executive orders, agency dictates, regulatory agency rules and regulations, and administrative discretion A partial list includes ObamaCare Dodd Frank The War on Coal The War on Fossil Fuels The War on Police Paris Accords EPA’s jurisdictional statement of “waters of the United States” Keystone Pipeline North Dakota Pipeline National Monuments designations in Nevada and Utah Ban on offshore drilling in Alaska and the Atlantic The betrayal of Israel Iran and the Iran Agreement Net Neutrality Department of Labor overtime rules Orders to ICE to stand down Dreamers The borders Common Core Charter schools The Department of Education’s Dear John Letter and Sexual Harassment Guidance The shrinkage of America’s military GITMO NLRB Student loans Race relations Consumer Product Safety Council Supreme Court and other judicial appointments The mess known as the Mideast EPA The VA The IRS Cybersecurity All while The Senate Minority leader, Senator Charles Schumer, threatens to slow walk President Trump’s nominees, partially to delay implementation of the Trump Agenda The Democrats and media claim that it is impossible to repeal, and thus unravel, ObamaCare with all its tentacles in the health industry. Remember Alexander the Great in cutting the Gordian Knot. Also remember ObamaCare is collapsing of its own weight – do not expect the Republicans to bail it out. The individual and employer mandates will be history. The tax increases will be rescinded. Quite an Obama legacy! What have I left out? President Trump will get it done. He’s appointed conservatives with strong views. Just not in I day, or even 100 days

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