Friday, January 20, 2017

Hail to the President, Hail President Trump

Hail to the Chief; Hail to the President; Hail to President Trump! Make no mistake about it, Donald trump is President of the United States and of the people of the United States. His is a true populist campaigning for the people. He understood that the American people wanted a change, and needed a change. He offered the change. His inaugural speech was for the people, the American people who elected him. Donald Trump, the candidate, is Donald Trump the President. He reached out to the people. What an amazing concept in modern America. The President remains the same as the Presidential candidate. The campaign speech became the inaugural address. No hidden agenda. He said the American carnage will stop now. He said he will “Make America Great Again,” looking to the future. Not “Hope and Change”, but “America First.” “We will bring back our dreams” We will “rebuild our country with American hands and American tools,” and bring back jobs. He will also eradicate Radical Islamic Terrorism. He spoke to the military and to law enforcement. His Administration will not be waging a War on the Police. He spoke to the American people, the American people who elected him. He spoke to the “forgotten” men and women of America, his voters. He did not speak to the elites. He did not speak to the media. He did not speak to the academics. He did not speak to the Never Trumpers. He did not speak to the sufferers of the Trump Derangement Syndrome. These groups still do not understand him. His people do. He did not speak to the 60 Democratic members of Congress who boycotted his inauguration. He spoke to the people. He spoke to the American people as the President of Change. He spoke to all Americans, and reached out to all Americans, but the speech was to his people, the middle class and blue collar workers. He spoke to us deplorables. He consistently used the word “We’ – not “I.” His is the Presidency of “We the People.” He knows who his voters are. How ironic that a billionaire builder who never worked for the government and never served in the military, is the President of the people. Madame Tussauds has replaced President Barack Obama with President Donald Trump. The transition is complete. Here’s what we can expect. Donald Trump proved in New York City that he gets things down. Donald Trump showed during the campaign that he is indefatigable. His 4:00am tweets indicate he does not sleep. He will get things down in the White House. Much of President Obama’s “Legacy” may be rendered asunder in President Trump’s First 100 Days, but not the most important legacy of President Obama in American history, the election of an African American as President of the United States. President Obama did not, and could not, end the racial divide in America, but his election was an important milestone in American history. President Obama gave us President Trump just as President Carter gave rise to President Reagan.

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