Friday, September 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton Complains of Media Bias - What Da?

The mainstream media hath no shame, no pride, no Integrity in sliming Donald Trump. The mainstream media has been carrying Secretary Clinton’s water and covering up for her, but it’s become a heavy burden. The mainstream media has an almost 6 decade history of sliming Republican nominees for President, starting with Vice President Nixon in 1960. He was “Tricky Dickie.” They eventually got their way by blowing up Watergate, ignoring the illegal acts of the Kennedys and Johnsons. Hath the mainstream media no shame in its vicious, visceral Republican animus? Nope, Cokie Roberts of ABC and NPR called Obama backers “morally tainted.” Chris Matthews, who once said President Obama “sent a tingle up his leg,” said vote for Hillary or don’t vote. Hath the media no integrity? Jim Rutenberg on the front page of the New York Times wrote: “If you view a trump presidency as something that’s potentially dangerous, then your reporting is going to reflect that.” Let me add, especially if the publisher of the New York Times, Pinch Sulzberger, wants you to. Senator Barry Goldwater was portrayed as a fascist war-mongrel, who would drag the country into war. As with Donald Trump, Senator Goldwater’s own words came back to haunt him. President Ford was a dumb klutz. Governor Reagan was a stupid, wild cowboy. President Reagan was losing it. President George H. W. Bush was an eastern elitist out of touch with the American people. Sounds a lot like Governor Mitt Romney. Governor George W. Bush was a stupid, draft dodging dunce, perhaps a cokehead. Senator McCain owned a large number of rich homes. Governor Palin was crucified by the media. The media trashed Governor Romney by repeating libels of Senator Harry Reid and President Obama’s Associate Campaign Manager, Stephanie Cutler. Senator Reid entered Congress poor and became a multi-millionaire through sweetheart real estate transactions, but, except for the Los Angeles Times, the media ignored his chicanery.. The media would have dumped on Donald Trump if he had said he “short-circuited” an answer, which was a lie. Secretary Clinton received a pass from the media on her short-circuit. The New York Times lambasted Paul Manaford for supposedly receiving $12 million from a dubious Ukrainian. Yet, they did not mention Bill Clinton’s $500,000 speaking fee from a Russian company. The Russian company received State Department approval to acquire a Canadian company which controlled much of the uranium production in America. That is apparently what Secretary Clinton meant by a Russian “reset.” The Secretary also met with a Ukrainian businessman, who donated $8.6 million to the Clinton Foundation. Two more media examples. Donald Trump said he would subject immigrants from certain countries to “extreme scrutiny” if they wished to enter the United States. The Los Angeles Times’ front page headline was: Trump seeks ‘extreme’ test for immigrants,” making his statement appear extreme. The ScienceTimes section of the New York Times featured a front page article on whether psychotherapists should analyze public figures. The “Goldwater Rule” of the American Psychiatric Association, adopted in 1973, says it’s unethical to do so. The article neutral on its face, repeats all the charges on his sanity. By way of contrast, the media does not discuss the issue of Secretary Clinton’s health. She suffered a major concussion in December 2012 and appears to be suffering from Post-concussion symbol. She appears confused and wobbly on occasions, Headaches, confusion, hesitations in speech, being wobbly have characterized her recent appearances, but have been ignored by the media. President Obama lives by the teleprompter (TOTUS) without a peep from the media, but it’s newsworthy to the media when Donald Trump uses it a few times. President George W. Bush was crucified by the media and democrats for not properly handling Hurricane Katrina. Presidential candidate Senator Obama mocked him for doing a flyover. Yet, Louisiana, which is suffering the greatest flooding since Hurricane Sandy and 115,000 displaced, will not interfere with the President’s golfing on Martha’s Vineyard. Secretary Clinton phoned it in to Louisiana’s governor, while Donald Trump was in Louisiana today helping out. Finally, the President was shamed into announcing he will go to Louisiana on Tuesday after 8 rounds in 12 days. ____________________________________________________________________________ That was the draft from 3 weeks ago. Now we can say that Yes, some media do have a sense of journalistic integrity. The pay to play corruption of the Clinton Foundation and the State Department was too much too swallow. Many of the mainstream media have said enough is enough. It’s time to end the Clinton Foundation. They recognize that this is not just Hillary Clinton’s boring email Republican witch hunt. They now know, and we now know, why the Secretary of State set up a private email server to handle her personal and government email, and continued to lie about it. It was to prevent discovery of incriminating, essential corrupt, transactions by the Clintons. They used the Foundation as the front for pay to play. It also explains why the Clintons tried to erase the servers. The Secretary when asked about scrubbing the server, arrogantly joked “You mean with a brush?’ (cackle, cackle) The Associated Press led the way. It reported that based on the State Department logs, Secretary Clinton had 154 meetings with person s who were not federal employees or foreign government representatives. 85 of these were with donors to the Clinton Foundation. Their contributions totaled at least $156 million. An additional $170 million, give or take a few dollars, came from 16 foreign governments. The Secretary’s response is that the AP did not tell the full story. That’s correct because the State Department has only released 2 years of logs, and is dragging its feet on the other 2 years. The Secretary and her acolytes are now complaining of media bias against her for continuing to discuss her emails and now her health. Matt Lauer in hosting the Commander in Chief Forum on September 7 was criticized by the media for asking her a hardball question on her media, noting FBI Director Comey’s statements questioning her factual statements on the emails. She said she disagreed with the FBI Director. He was simply doing his job. Questions have been circulating about her health. She and her people denied any health issues. They also blame it on more of the right wing conservative and alt right. She collapsed in public after several coughing fits in public. Finally, her doctor confirmed she has pneumonia. However, no MRI’s have been released, a critical tool in light of her past concussion. One her answers to the FBI about State Department instructions about classified information was that she couldn’t remember because of her concussion. She still seems to be wearing sun glasses They complain of the extensive free publicity the media gave Donald Trump during the primaries. They did, but a substantial amount was the nature of “Can you believe what he just said?” Media bias? General Colin Powell’s emails have been hacked and released. He had unfavorable comments about the two candidates. He called Donald Trump a “national disgrace and international pariah.” That received substantial airplay on CNN. The General’s comments of Hillary Clinton were just as brutal. Two statements especially stand out. The first is “Everything H.R.C. touches she kind of screws up with hubris.” The second is that he would ‘rather not have to vote for her.” She “has a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformative.” Hubris Arrogance That and her pathological mendacity are her problems. She’s not used to media criticism. She doesn’t expect it, and can’t handle it.

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