Friday, September 23, 2016

And Now Minnesota, New Jersey/New York: More Sudden Jihad Syndrome and Ineffectual Presidential Respose, but Not Quite Samo, Samo

America was lucky with the Shoe Bomber We were also lucky with the Underwear Bomber, who will meet Allah with apparently a burnt scrotum. The Times Square Bomber could have caused severe damage in Times Square, but failed. Our Chicken Restaurant New York/New Jersey Bomber came close to a mass disaster, but “fortunately” only injured 29. America was unlucky with the Fort Hood shooter, the Boston Marathon, Minnesota, Chattanooga, Orlando, San Bernardino, with several fatalities in these attacks on America. The response is mostly the same. The President emphasizes they are Lone Wolf assailants without knowing all the facts. The odds are very slim that the bomber could have received the materials and assembled his bombs in his apartment above the family’s chicken restaurant without anyone noticing. The odds are slim that he could have transported the bombs to the various locations without assistance. Rather or not the recent terrorist attacks are Lone Wolfs remain to be determined. Dahir Adan, the grim knifer, asked potential victims if they were Muslim. He also claimed he was acting on behalf of ISIS, which immediately claimed ownership of the attacks. The President refuses to use the phrase “Islamic Terrorist, much less “radical Islamic terrorism.” White House Press Spokesman Josh Earnest said our battle with ISIS is “A war of narratives.” ISIS is trying to blow us up and kill us, and we fight back with words. The federal complaint against the grim bomber excised comments about ISIS and terrorist leaders/ The mainstream media downplays the Muslim religion of the terrorist, as if the public can’t figure it out for themselves. The names Dahir Adan and Ahmed Khan Rahami tell the public all it needs to know. Yet again, the FBI failed to connect the dots and follow up on earlier leads. Yet, it’s not samo, samo. First. The President did not dial up his robomatic calls for gun control. The St. Cloud, Minnesota attacks were by knives. The New Jersey/New York incidents involved pressure cooker bombs. The second is that the many authorities, but not New York City Mayor De Blasio, immediately called the incidents “terrorist attacks.”

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