Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The New York Primary in a Nutshell

The New York primary will be relevant this year, as will California. Ted Cruz Loves New York, but not “New York values” See how he squirms out of that one! The New York Daily News in its inimitable manner on the front page advised Senator Cruz to take “the F U” train. He’s been taking it upstate to attempt to win a few delegates from conservative, upstate Congressional districts. Senator Bernie Sanders, the expatriate New Yorker from Brooklyn, is running against Secretary Clinton, the carperbagging Senator from New York. Neither one is qualified to be President, according to the other. Hillary, the candidate of the people, couldn’t figure out how to use a farecard at the New York City subway. She also hasn’t driven a car in two decades. Hillary and the Donald are the most unlikeable candidates in the presidential race. They will win New York. Two weeks ago secretary Clinton said “I’m sick of the Sander’s campaign lies.” Two days ago the Trump and Kasich forces to unite and shut the Cruz campaign out of committee spots. Last weekend the Cruz campaign won all 28 delegate votes without a primary or caucus or even straw poll - no semblance of a vote by the people - just a cabal of party zealots. The people in Colorado did not get to vote. Paul Manafort, Trump’s new campaign aide, accused the Cruz Campaign of using “Gestapo tactics.” Senator Sanders, the Brooklyn Jew, called on Israel to take “a more balanced” approach in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He said the Palestinians should be treated with “dignity and respect, hardly a winning argument in New York.” Trump now realizes, coming out of Wisconsin, that he needs to beef up his campaign staff, ground game, and spend some of his fortune funding an organization building a ground game. Senator Cruz understands the ground game. New York City Mayor De Blasio endorsed Secretary Clinton for President. They appeared at a charity dinner with a canned scrip. She said to Hizzoner: Took you long enough.” He responded “Sorry, Hillary, I was on C.P. time.” Hillary’s belated response “Cautious politician time. I’ve been there.” “CPT” stands for “Colored People Time.” I was shocked when I first heard the phrase in Louisiana three decades ago. Had a Republican candidate engaged in such a racist joke, it would have led off the evening news. It’s still shocking that the Mayor, whose wife is African American, and thus has two African American children, would use it even in jest. It’s shocking that Secretary Clinton, whose primary wins in the South depended on overwhelming African American votes, would agree to participate in such a joke. Shocked, but not surprised. Secretary Clinton has a tin year. I Love New York.

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