Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lessons From the New York Primary

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won landslide victories. Both triumphed after a mediocre campaign month. They are back. The only thing that can keep Clinton from the Democratic nomination will be an indictment, which is not coming. If Bill Clinton was referred to as “America’s first Black President,” then Hillary Clinton may be “The Nation’s first Black female President.” Her campaign is geared to uniting the Obama Coalition. Donald Trump is helping her do that. He beats her in the unfavorability polls by 15%, 67% to 52%. Senator Cruz comes in at 52%. What a sad commentary! Secretary Clinton’s path to the White is easy. All she has to do are: 1) Don’t utter any of her spontaneous; stupid, arrogant statements; 2) Keep Bill muzzled for six months: 3) Run away from Bill’s policies; 4) Make sure Bill keeps his zipper up; 5) Stick to President Obama, and yet distance herself from the President’s policies; 6) Hope the economy holds up through November; 7) Pray there’s no major terrorist attack in the United States before the November Election; 8) Keep the lid on the Mideast through the election; and 9) Don’t get indicted. Donald Trump won big, reaping 92 of New York’s 95 delegate votes with 60% of the vote. Donald Trump has been railing against the rigging of the delegate process. Yet, with 60% of the vote, he won 97% of the delegates. Senator Ted Cruz came in a distant third. Governor Kasich received almost twice as many votes as the Senator. The Senator discovered that “I Love New York” Trumps “New York Values.” Donald Trump is serious about winning the nomination. He has shaken up his campaign staff, hiring two pros. He is also now investing real money into the campaign. He expects to win. Senator Cruz is planning and organizing for a second ballot victory in an Open Convention. That door closed yesterday. Watch Senator Cruz become more petulant and negative as the nomination is slip-sliding away. He might be seeing a lot of third place finishes except for Indiana. Secretary Clinton received twice as many votes as Donald Trump, but that simply reflects the fact that twice as many Democrats are registered to vote in New York, which has closed primaries. The sour note for Trump is that he failed to win the Borough of Manhattan. It used to be that “As Maine and Vermont go, so goes the nation.” Senator Cruz is about to learn in this Republican Primary Season that “What goes in New York, goes in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, et al” all the way to Cleveland. Senator Cruz is in the campaign all the way to Philly. He’s been running for President all his adult life. He’s not about to quit just because he’s losing at the ballot box. Senator Sanders will stay in because he’s got the Berm. The Senator is having a blast There’s always the chance Secretary Clinton will be indicted. Governor Kasich will continue in the race because he will be the last Republican standing if Donald Trump and Senator Cruz self-destruct.

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