Thursday, April 28, 2016

First Kasich; Now Fiorina: Has Senator Cruz Run Out of Hail Marys?

First Kasich, Now Fiorina: Does Senator Cruz Have Any Hail Mary’s Left? The Acela Express roared through the Northeast Tuesday, doing more political damage to Senator Cruz than Hurricane Sandy did to Governor Christy. Donald Trump won every country in the primary votes in Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania. Governor Kasich came in second in four states, barely trailing the Senator in Pennsylvania. Senator Cruz was a distant third in four of the states. He’s running out of time in his race for the Presidency. It’s time for a Hail Mary pass or a buzzle beating shot from half court. Politics makes strange bedfellows. The Senator and Governor entered four days ago into a lovefest, alliance, non-aggression pact, a horizontal division of the market, treaty, or act of desperation. Governor Kasich agreed to stay out of Indiana and Senator Cruz would cede New Mexico and Oregon to Governor Kasich in the latest manifestation of a Stop Trump Movement. The Hail Mary was an attempt to stop splitting the anti-Trump vote, allowing either Cruz or Kasich to win the remaining state contests on a one-on-one fight with Trump. It failed quicker than the non-aggression pact between Nazi Germany and Russia, which divided Poland between the two countries, but soon saw Hitler invading Russia. The American voters delivered over 50% of the Republican vote to Donald Trump in each of the five states on Tuesday. Poland fell, Republicans held fast. Governor Kasich was in Indiana today campaigning. Senator Cruz’s new Hail Mary, his new political soulmate, is to announce Carly Fiorina as his running mate. The last time a Presidential candidate named his Vice Presidential nominee prior to securing the nomination was in 1976 when Governor Reagan anointed Pennsylvania's moderate Republican Senator Richard Schweiker as his running mate in an unsuccessful attempt to win the Republican nomination. Carly Fiorina may look good on paper. She could help Senator Cruz in the California primary, which will be his last chance to stop the Trump Bandwagon. Ms. Fiorina is a woman who can stand up to Secretary Clinton on the stump. She clearly stood out in the undercard debates earlier this year. Her debating skills are as outstanding as those of the Senator. She was always well-prepared and dominated the debates. Carly Fiorina presents a compelling personal story, rising from a secretary to CEO of Hewlett-Packard, a classic example of living the American Dream, serving as an example for the all the women of America. If only the facts lived up to the narrative! She was only a secretary for a few days. She comes from a privileged background. Her father, Joseph Sneed, was a federal appellate judge, having previously served as Dean of Duke Law School. Ms. Fiorina earned her Bachelor’s degree from Stanford, and then received an MBA from the University of Maryland and a Masters of Science in Management from M.I.T. She was fired by HP after six years as CEO. The VEEP designee failed abysmally six years ago in running for the Senate in California. It’s difficult, near impossible, today for a Republican to win a statewide election in California. If ever there was a year, it was 2010 with the Midterm Revolt nationally against President Obama and the Democrats. Not in California! Carly Fiorina ran a poor campaign against Senator Barbara Boxer. She lost by 10% by the unimpressed California voters. She bowed out early in the Republican race this year despite her impressive debate performances. Her problem is an inability to connect with voters. Senator Cruz comes across as your mean uncle. Carly Fiorina mirrors him. It’s as though they were fraternal twins separated at birth and now reunited – two peas in a snarly pot. The two of them are too smart for us, and they know it. Indiana is a basketball state - not a football state. Bobby Knight won three national titles with the Indiana Hoosiers basketball team. The “General” is a legend in Indiana. His persona mirrors that of Donald Trump. The two were campaigning together today in Indianapolis Carly or Bobby? Who would you want by your side in Indianapolis?

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