Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Lois Lerner Tapes and Harddrive: Take II

Lois Lerner: Take 2 Where is Deep Throat when we need him? Where are the investigative reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward when we need them? I almost forgot. The Watergate garage is being torn down. How symbolic? The missing Lois Lerner emails has taken twists characteristic of Hollywood plots. Any emails involving Lois and now six other critical IRS workers have “crashed,” or more likely been wiped clean. In Hollywood it would have been by some super-powerful, super-secret government security agency. Promising leads now reach dead ends. We know it cannot be a coincidence. Lois’ hard drive “crashed” when it became clear that the harassment of conservative organizations was “breaking.” And then we find out that the IRS “conveniently” had the hard drive recycled. Can you say “Coverup” from what the President promised to be the most transparent administration? The IRS knew in February, or so it claims, that Lois’ emails were unrecoverable. They only informed Congress last Friday, but they notified the Administration in April of the loss. President Obama on the February 2, 2014 O’Reilly Factor stated that there is “not even mass corruption. Not even a smidgeon of corruption?” What did he know? Of course, the Obama Administration is insulting our intelligence. They know it fails the sniff test. They know it, but don’t care. They know the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC will not pursue it. They know they will get the usual pass from the media. If this were the Bush Administration the media would be circling like vultures, feasting on the carrion. They would be lining up for their Pulitzers. Instead, their willful blindness is letting the Obama Administration turn the IRS into a partisan arm of the Democratic Party. That is a direct threat to our democracy. The Obama Administration is operating on the premise that the Republicans cannot prove that which they cannot prove because the evidence disappeared.

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