Thursday, June 12, 2014

The "Dead Broke" One Percenters Clintons

President Clinton and his wife Secretary Hillary Clinton are well established in the nation’s 1 Percent, the Democrats' reviled 1 Percent. Most Democratic Senators are 1 Percenters, some of whom, like Majority Leader Harry Reid, reached that status after election to the Senate. Secretary Hillary Clinton claimed in an interview Monday with ABC’s Diane Sawyer that the Clinton were ‘dead broke’ when they left the White House. She can identify with the rest of us. Yes, we may shop at Walmart, but she was a director of Walmart from 1984 - 1992. She said they were “struggling to piece together the resources for mortgages, for houses, for Chelsea’s education you know. It was not pretty.” From “dead broke” in the White House to two luxury homes without pausing in the poor house. 'Dead broke" without ever qualifying for food stamps, much less worrying where the next meal is coming from. "Dead broke" without ever going to bed hungry. Bill and Hillary lived in government housing, the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion and the United States White House, for about two decades. They left the White House with no mortgage, and immediately bought a $1.7 million house in highly affluent Chappaqua in Westchester County, New York, as well as a house in Washington, D.C. for a total cost of $4.5 million. Eight years of all expense paid housing and meals in the White House; and yet she claimed the Clintons were $12 million in debt when they left the White House. College tuition is high, but Chelsea’s 4 years of Stanford tuition do not add up to $12 million. That’s the price of President Clinton’s libido - The legal fees he wracked up for Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, “Bimbo eruptions,” perjury, loss of his license to practice law. If only he could have kept his zipper zippered his legal fees would have been non-existent. Hillary Clinton signed a book contract with a $7 million advance, Living History, at the end of the Clinton Administration. Bill Clinton signed a similar book advance contract for $15 million for his book “My Life.” Life is tough; the Clintons were "dead broke" when $22 million was being thrust into their hands. She feels our pain. The ex-President Clinton lost no time in cashing in on his fame. He earned $9.2 million in speaking fees in 2001 and $9.5 million in 2001. He had speaking fees of $109 million from 2001 – 2013. The Clintons had combined income of $109 million from 2001 to 2008. Hillary has reaped $5 million in speaking fees in the past 15 months since resigning as Secretary of State. She charges $200,000/speech. Hillary is trying to identify with working Americans. She wants to be one of us. We don’t take an initial $1,000 investment, raise it to $10,000 and quickly earn $100,000 in sweatheart commodities trades; to wit, cattle futures. The Clintons campaigned against a decade of greed. I don’t mind that the Clintons have cashed in. I object to being pandered. Hillary condescends. She insults our intelligence. Mitt Romney’s problem was that he could not connect with the people. Too much of the Harvard MBA came out. Hillary Clinton’s problem is that she does not connect with the people. Too much of the hypocrite comes out from the haughty Hillary Clinton. Senator Ted Kennedy was rich. He was also authentic. His wealth was irrelevant to the American voter. Hillary’s status as a One Percenter is an issue because she made it one.

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