Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Fatal Flaw With ObamaCare

ObamaCare is destined to fail. Not because Obama lied and millions paid, although they are. Not because ObamaCare is no longer an abstraction, but is now reality, no matter how grim the reality is. Not because the “Affordable Care Act” is unaffordable to millions, although it is. Not because the “affordability” cost to many is obtained through subsidies, which are unsustainable over time. Countries have met violent reactions when attempting to rein in food and fuel subsidies. Not because the true cost of healthcare will rise for most Americans, although it will. Not because of the rising premiums, which will force millions of “middle class” families to forego health insurance. The high premiums and high deductibles make ObamaCare unaffordable to Americans, the vats majority of Americans, not receiving the subsidies. Not because the increasing unavailability of doctors and hospitals. Not because the penalties for ignoring the individual mandate are easily evaded due to the lack of enforcement powers in the IRS Not because it will be a bureaucratic nightmare, which would make Kafka proud. The British Healthcare System is the largest employer in Western Europe. Not because of the cancelled policy holders, which will have to seek insurance elsewhere. ObamaCare will fail because it violates the fundamental ethos of America. America was founded on individual liberty - the individual, the citizen, the people. ObamaCare is the greatest loss of individual freedom in the history of America. It is a program of the elites forced upon an unwilling people. Today’s elites, like the Leninists of a century ago, know what’s best for the rest of us. The Leninist/elitist mentality failed in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Communist China, Cuba, Vietnam, and even with the Pilgrims. It will fail in the United States. It denies freedom of choice. It denies personal choice – the right to choose one’s coverage, one’s doctor’s, one’s hospital, one’s insurance. It is forcing upon us something “better” in their eyes, while often exempting themselves. They are depriving us of free will and determinism. The dictat of the elite in President Obama’s words was to remove people from their “sub-par” policies. In exchange for dropping the “sub-par” policies, a hypothetical 24 year old single gay male in San Francisco needs to have insurance for maternity care and pediatric dental care. The elites know what’s best for us in health insurance, in education (the “common core”), and food. America was founded on the belief in the Individual, not the belief in a monolithic central government that would provide for us cradle to grave, the Julia of the Obama reelection campaign. Power in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights was vested in the people and the states. The Federal Government was to be a government of limited powers. Chief Justice Roberts fundamentally transformed America in his twisted ObamaCare decision. ObamaCare will fail because it subordinates the individual to the state.

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