Thursday, November 28, 2013

Red Line for Syria; Green Light for Iran: The Obama Foreign Policy?

President Obama drew a red line in the sand two years ago if the Syrian regime used weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Syria crossed that line at least twice, such that it could no longer be ignored by an often-blind Administration (cf. Benghazi). President Obama also said the Assad Regime must fall, but, unlike Libya, did not even supply air support to the rebels. Sand is slippery. The President then threatened to actually take military action against the Assad Regime, but soon weaseled out. His recent foreign policy consisted of National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who was duped by the Benghazi Talking Points, threatening Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai that the United States will pull its troops out of Afghanistan in 2014 if Karzai does not sign the recently agreed to agreement. Karzai would love to see the Americans leave. Threatening to do what your opponent wishes you to do is a stupid form of negotiation. Iran’s President Khamenei calls the United States the Great Satan and that Israel is a “rabid dog.” He wants to wipe the Zionist country off the map. We want to appease. The Obama Administration therefore entered into an interim agreement whereby the effective sanctions against Iran will be relaxed in exchange for the Iranian government temporarily slowing down uranium production from 10,000 centrifuges. The United Nations voted that sanctions should not be lifted unless Iran ceased all uranium production. Remind me the next time President Obama says we should follow the UN. President Obama made no attempt to secure the freedom of the American citizens held prisoner by the Iranian regime. The four page document is full of “creative ambiguity.” Munich betrayed the Czechs, but did not cause World War II. Hitler was hell bent on conquest, lebensraum and the Holocaust. Geneva betrayed the Israelis and Saudis, and may well bring Armageddon to the Mid East. Pity the poor Democrats. The ObamaCare disaster has alerted them that the President is not a brilliant politician, but a Pied Piper of electoral defeat, as in 2010. They are caught between party loyalty, loyalty to Israel, and their reelections. Here are the statements of world and American leaders. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it an “historic mistake.” New York Senator Charles Schumer said the “deal doesn’t seem proportional …. Iran simply freezes its nuclear capabilities while we reduce the sanctions.” Secretary of State John Kerry affirmed “We have no illusions.” The United States is entering negotiations “with eyes absolutely wide open.” Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, generally regarded as a dim bulb, said the deal poses minimal risk to the United States. Iran poses a major risk to our soldiers in the Mid East, a grave risk when placed on a ballistic missile aimed at the United States, and an apocalyptic threat to Israel. The Iranian Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, proclaimed the agreement recognizes Iran’s right to enrich uranium. Saudi Arabia has been eerily silent. They believe actions speak stronger than words. A successful foreign policy consists of knowing the difference between allies and enemies. President Obama understands the difference. He disses our friends and trusts our enemies. Our most steadfast ally in the international stage is England. Israel is our strongest ally in the slippery Mid East. Egypt was a strong ally until the “Arab Spring.” One of President Obama’s first acts was to insult Great Britain, followed by expressing his contempt and loathing for Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He forced Egypt’s pro-Western President Hassan Mubarak out of office, and has since managed to antagonize both the military regime and the Islamists in Egypt. President Obama has the DNA of the true left, the DNA of William Ayres, ingrained into his psyche. The extreme left wingnut view of America is that the United States has been wrong in the world, an international bully. Therefore, we need forgiveness from our foes and recognize that our former friends are our true enemies. One rumor is that the Obama Administration is now in secret talks with Hezbollah. Prior to his reelection, President Obama made it clear to Russian President Medvedev on March 26, 2012 that he would have “more flexibility” to deal with contentious issues. He made clear to French President Sarkozy his contempt for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. President Obama won reelection. He is free. He is a liberated man. He no longer needs to worry about the Jewish vote, or contributions. He can follow his true instincts. Dump Israel and make peace with the mullahs on their terms.

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