Sunday, November 3, 2013

ObamaCare is an Obama Success

President Obama is succeeding With ObamaCare President Obama’s goal was to transform America. ObamaCare is transforming, for the worse, 1/6 of the American economy. Even a complete repeal of ObamaCare could not put the pieces back together, just like Humpty Dumpty. The American healthcare system shattered into pieces on October 1. ObamaCare is a success. The website doesn’t work, Medicaid is jammed with enrollments while the budget is cut. ObamaCare is a success. Doctors are dropping out or being excluded from plans, Medicare, or Medicaid, or retiring early; hospitals are refusing to take part in ObamaCare; ObamaCare is a success. Individual policy holders are being cancelled en masse coupled with high premium increases, with employer health plans soon to follow, and most new hires in America are in part time, often low paying, jobs. ObamaCare is a success. Private practitioners are now less than half the practicing physician workforce. Private practitioners have traditionally been strong Republicans. ObamaCare is a success. President Obama never promised you could keep your hospital. ObamaCare is a success. Over 20 new taxes have been imposed on the American people. ObamaCare is a success. Competition in the private healthcare insurance market has been eliminated though the one size fits all mandates of ObamaCare. ObamaCare is a success. ObamaCare is destroying the individual health insurance market. ObamaCare is a success. 1/6 of the American economy has been shattered, that is, transformed. President Truman couldn’t do it. Bill and Hilary failed at it. ObamaCare is a success. President Obama has not had to cancel a golf match to fix ObamaCare. ObamaCare is a success. The President has moved on to immigration reform, raising the minimum wage, and raising more taxes. ObamaCare is a success. ObamaCare will bust the budget. ObamaCare is a success. ObamaCare is a success. Just ask the diffident, out-of-touch President. The next step - the single payer plan by the government. ObamaCare is a success, a raging success, even before its full implementation. ObamaCare is an American Tragedy.

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