Friday, December 21, 2012

Random Thoughts on the Mayan Calendar

Random Thoughts on the Mayan Calendar

It’s 9:00PM Pacific Time; the doomsayers, aka Mayan Calendar this time, are wrong again - just the usual assortment of minor earthquakes, drought, floods, blizzards, cold snaps, lava flows, and flight delays. Last Resort was canceled, but we’ll survive.

I wasn’t sure this morning. We were at the annual Chapman University Christmas Party. This year for the first time the festivities included a competition for the best gingerbread house. The winner was a set of Mayan temples. That might have been a sign.

Or not.

Are you reading this blog?

If you are reading this, we are still here. If you are reading this, the Mayan Apocalypse has not arrived. Plan B failed and we are facing the fiscal abyss, which was neither predicted by the Mayan Calendar nor Nostradamus.

When are we going to stop following, listening to, or giving airtime to doomsayers? History is full of failed prophets of doom.

A random thought on survivalists – How do survivalists expect to survive the end?

What are their preppers going to do now? Shouldn’t National Geographic celebrate their failure?

It can’t be doomsday. We are still receiving junk calls from “green” developers in spite of the Do Not Call List?

There can’t be an apocalypse in the near future. President Obama is not letting the Mayan calendar or the fiscal cliff delay his long planned 17 day vacation in Hawaii.

Maybe it is internet doomsday after all. Our inbox is jammed with spam from retailers. Walmart tells us "There's still time"; that's reassuring. L.L.Bean says  "Last-Minute help is here." That' great.A little extra counseling, and a few added prayers won't hurt.

How did you prepare for today?

Several Michigan school districts cancelled school today. Was it because of the end of days or the last day before the Christmas break? Why not” Detroit autoworkers get the first day of hunting season off. Why shouldn’t students also get a break?

Did you cash out, get stoned, where legally permissible, smashed, or orgy out in anticipation of December 21?

Did you stop buying Christmas presents or turn off your Christmas lights?

Did you cash in your IRA?

Did you at least start the long Christmas weekend early?

How many final day(s) offers did you see? From retailers?

I never knew if the Mayan Day of Doom was based on Mayan time, Yucatan Mayan Temple time, Greenwich Mean Time, Pacific Standard Time, New York Time, or bar time.

Can you tell me?

December 21 arrived early for 48% of the American people – November 6 to be exact when a few believe the Anti-Christ was reelected President of the United States.

They’re wrong; America will survive. So will the world.

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