Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year: Best Wishes To:

The American economy and the American people – We deserve better than an economically illiterate President who is wedded to a broken ideology, as shown by Europe.

Small business and the individual entrepreneur – we owe so much to you

The people of Egypt – You deserve better than a repeat of Iran

The people of Afghanistan – If only you could just be left alone

The people if Iraq – Don’t let sectarian violence tear you apart

Israel – the greatest miracle would be true peace in the Holy Land

Our underappreciated military


The victims of Tropical Storm Sandy.

The children, survivors, and families of Sandy Hook Elementary School. The pain will never go away entirely, but each day is a new beginning. Never underestimate the resilience of the human spirit.

First responders everywhere

Springfield, Massachusetts. Springfield, an old northeast industrial city, had a rough couple of years as it teeters on the brink of insolvency,

       The tornado of June1, 2011, which foreshadowed 2012
       The decay of the Dr. Seuss’ real Mulberry Street
       Blizzards – The year started with a major blizzard and ended with one.
       The natural gas explosion in November at the downtown Scores Gentlemen’s Club that leveled or destroyed 42 buildings, including 115 residences, and injured 18 people
       The school board which voted to provide condoms to students as young as 12
       The end of 2012 with unemployment back in the double digits
       The December streaker who entertained the Forest park neighborhood

Governor Mitt Romney  - You ran a decent campaign, but any Republican candidate would have been the victim of a vicious, relentless, malicious, negative campaign.

Speaker John Boehner – You have been dealt a difficult hand, but exercise patience and fortitude.

Governor Sarah Palin and Congressman Paul Ryan – You are winners

The Tea Party – 2014 is coming up, but don’t nominate anymore nut cases for the Senate

Congressman Allen West – Your future still awaits you

Big Ten football. Basketball is great, but the Big Ten is football

USF in basketball. Maybe one of these years USF will get it right.

USC in football and UCLA in basketball. Remember your legacy.

The Los Angeles Clippers – currently the best basketball team in LA

Donald Sterling – the Clippers can do it

Magic Johnson – you keep doing so much for LA

The Butlers and Boise States – It can be done

Bring back football to LA – either a pro team or USC

The NHL – you responded to the LA Kings winning the Stanley Cup by cancelling the 2012-13 Season

T. J. Simers - We need more of you

The University of Michigan – Could you actually win the Director’s Cup?

Penn State – You deserve better than the NCAA

University of California - You better fundraise like crazy because Prop 30 will not save you from draconian budget cuts

Detroit: Michigan, and the industry - Emulate the Phoenix

Dan Snyder & Quicken – May you be successful in revitalizing downtown Detroit

Vice President Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – You seem to be the only two adults in Washington in handling the fiscal cliff.

Wisconsin – You need a few years of political peace

California - You can still be the Golden State

Steve Cook – You must keep Apple innovating

To the potheads in Colorado and Washington. Have a Colorado Rocky Mountain High

ONU, UPS, WNEC, and Chapman – Thanks for 4 decades of teaching law

To all the students I have taught over the years

Anyone who reads my blogs

To all the celebrities who keep their personal lives out of the tabloids or off the internet

May the media totally ignore in 2013:
      Anyone named Kardashian, Lohan or Baldwin
      Bethany Frankel; You’ve worn out your 15 minutes of fame
      Jennifer Anniston – I wish you the best with your child and marriage, but spare us the rest of the year
      Paris Hilton
      Snooki, You’ve had a baby and 15 minutes of fame. Go back to the Jersey Shore and leave us alone.
       Megan Fox; You’ve had your baby. Now grow up.
       Charlie Sheen, and Ashton Kutcher
       Miley Cyrus - You got famous too young
       Kirsten Stewart and/or Robert Pattison
       Ron Woods of the Stones – Here’s hoping Viagra and the prenup work
       Any wife or fiancé of High Hefner

Happy New Year to my wife and family

Happy New Year to everyone else

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