Friday, September 28, 2012

Vote for Obama; Get Your Free Obama Cell Phone

Have you seen the video of the African American woman in Cleveland with her free Obama phone?

Vote for Obama. Get your free Obama phone.

Wait, that’s the reverse. That would be illegal vote buying, except in Philadelphia where it’s called “Walking around money.”

It’s “Keep Obama as President. He gave us a phone”

When asked about Governor Romney, she responded: “Romney, he sucks.”

There’s the election.

That is the issue in this election, the real issue.

Freedom versus Free!

The economy is critical; the fate of Israel may be on the line: foreign policy and national security are entering the danger zone.

The character of America is at stake. Will President Obama complete his goal of transforming America? Will America become a culture of dependency on the government or continue as a culture that relies on personal liberty and independence?

Transformation was more important to President Obama than economic rejuvenation, which is why he devoted his second year to pushing through ObamaCare.

Dependency or independence? That is the question facing America.

Have Americans become so dependent on the government that they will now routinely vote for the political party that promises them a free cell phone, the Democratic Party, the party of government?

She represents the 49% of American households in which at least one member receives government benefits.

The Obama Campaign does not want to face that issue, for their campaign will then fail. Americans believe in personal freedom.

Thus, the Obama Campaign quickly threw her under the bus, emphasizing that the cell phone program preceded the Obama Administration. The origins of the program go back to 1985.Congress extended the program to cell phones in 2008.

It's not an Obama program, but that Americans reasonably believe comes from Obama is revealing.

The cell phone “Lifeline” program is offered by the carriers with the federal government covering the costs. The government pays the carriers up to $10/phone per month.  The beneficiaries get a free phone and up to 250 minutes of time per month.

Eligible persons are those who fall into one of the following programs: an income of less than 135% of the federal poverty guidelines, receive Supplemental Security Income, Health benefit coverage under the Child Health Insurance Program, the Free School Lunch Program, Low Income Energy Assistance Program, Section 8 Public Housing, low income resident of tribal lands, or Temporary Assistance to Needy Families.

One of the persons who received an unsolicited request to sign up for the program is Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri.

Is it no wonder that in less than a decade the cost of the program has grown to $2.4 billion covering 12.5 million people?

Independence or dependency?

However, American may have already crossed the threshold into dependency.
Here are the existing government programs distributing billions of dollars to millions of Americans:

          Social Security

          Social Security Disability




          Extended Unemployment

          Public housing

          School Lunches

          Food Stamps

          Farm Prices

          Children health Insurance

          Student Loans

          Subsidized water

          Subsidized Electricity

          Subsidized Mass Transit

         Subsidized rents

All of which adds up to a budget deficit of $1.5 trillion!

These programs are unsustainable, as with Greece, Spain, and Portugal

If America has not quite crossed the threshold into dependency, then it will when ObamaCare kicks in, transferring 16% of the economy to the government.

The American history with such programs is not one of success, starting with the current travails of the Post Office, the enormous deficits of mass transit, the metamorphosis of public housing into tenements, the public schools in large municipalities, and the failures of Fannie May and Freddy Mac.

The video is troublesome in another respect. The Cleveland woman is apparently one of scores hired by the SEIU at $11/hour to protest at Romney rallies. SEIU is the union that represents public and private service employees. The members often show up at Obama rallies in purple shirts.

America was built on personal liberty.

Will President Obama transform it into long term poverty?

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