Monday, September 17, 2012

Questions From Benghazi, Bangladesh, Beirut, Cairo, Et Al

Questions, questions, questions in the “Fog of War” in the War Against Terror.

Osama Bin-Laden may be dead, but is Al Qaeda?

Is this the reward for President Obama’s policy of appeasement, apology, kowtowing, and bowing to potentates?

How did the Benghazi attackers know where the Diplomats’ safe house was?

Does the Obama Administration really believe that these “spontaneous” demonstrations and attacks are because of a movie trailer on the internet for 3 months?

Why does United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice, notorious for her absences from the UN early in the Administration, constantly repeat the claim that these are spontaneous demonstrations?

Does the Obama Administration believe we are so gullible as to believe this story?

How long will the Obama Administration stick to its indefensible talking points?

Will an Administration that leaked national security secrets hesitate to play politics with national security?

How long can the Obama Administration deny Islamic terrorist attacks?

How long will the President be in a state of denial?

Does President Obama still listen to the Moslem World?

Will the President ever recognize that his Mideast policy of deposing friends and allies, tolerating enemies of Israel, and appeasing Iran is a failure?

Will President Obama resume reading his daily security briefings?

Or is a fundraiser with Beyoncé more critical to the future of the country?

How do spontaneous demonstrators show up with RPG’s and mortars?

Were some “spontaneous” demonstrators paid to demonstrate?

How many demonstrators in fact were at the non Cairo and Benghazi demonstrations?

Did President Obama, upon being informed of the attacks on the Benghazi Consulate, proceed to gg to sleep being ascetaining the status of Ambassador Stephens?

How easy can the Arab Street be manipulated?

How can any trust be placed on the highly volatile Arab Street?

Why did embassy security forces disappear or dissipate?

Were the Marine guards in Cairo, or elsewhere, unarmed?

Why was embassy security so lax on 9/11?

Why was consulate security essentially non-existent in Benghazi?

If we can’t trust our “allies,” whom can we trust?

Was President Obama right in stating Egypt is not an ally?

Is Egypt going the way of Iran?

If we can’t trust the people we helped liberate, whom can we trust?

Will President Obama ever recognize that Israel is our only true ally in the Mideast?

How do we leave the Mideast if we are dependent upon OPEC Oil and Israel?

Will Congress cut off funding to Egypt?

The British say the U.S. was warned in advance. The U.S. denies it, claiming they had no specific information about a credible threat. Who do you believe?

How much longer will the mainstream media harangue Governor Romney for attacking the appeasement statement of the Cairo Embassy prior to the mob attack on the Embassy?

Does anyone in the Administration understand, that with the exception of the American Revolution, most violent revolutions result in radicals supplanting moderates?

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