Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Absentee President Attacks Congress for Adjourning

President Obama, in his Saturday radio address to the nation, attacked Congress for going AWOL, by adjourning.

He complained of the House of Representatives: “Last week, without much fanfare, members of the House of Representatives banged a gavel, turned out the lights, and pushed home, declaring their work done for now …. If that frustrates you, it should, because their work isn’t finished.”

He also lashed out at the Democratic Senate.

Utterly amazing – the height of political hypocrisy, coming from the President who has been campaigning full time for the past year outside Washington.

He accused Congress of being “more worried about their jobs and paychecks” than their constituents.

That sounds like the President projecting his persona on Congress.

Members of Congress adjourned to campaign for reelection. Apparently the President holds them to a different calendar or standard than his current campaign or his Presidential campaign four years ago when he took off from the Senate for over a year to campaign full time. He continued to collect his Senate salary while campaigning.

The President cares more about his campaign than theirs, including the Democrats. He doesn’t even share fundraising with them. No solidarity with this president.

As a Illinois State Senator he voted “present” 129 times.

President Obama has golfed over 100 times since becoming President. Only the need for reelection has interrupted his torrid golf pace.

President Obama said to Univision last week that he learned you can’t change Washington from the inside.

Therefore, he’s campaigning outside D.C. The President is on a constant campaign swing through Florida, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, North Carolina, and Virginia except for quickie trips to California and New York to fund raise.

He can’t find time to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel or other foreign leaders next week, at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, but he can appear on the Letterman and Leno shows and the View, and meet with Whoopi Goldberg. That’s for campaign purposes – not the needs of national security or the American people.

He did find time to invite the President of Egypt, a former member of the Islamic Brotherhood governing council, to a meeting.

He can’t find the time or interest to read his daily security briefings while our Ambassador to Libya is killed and the American flag burns around the world.

The House of Representatives has done its job the past two years. It has passed scores of bills, sending them to the Senate, where they die. The Democratic Senators are so scared of voting on a bill when that vote could be used against them, that they don’t take votes. Indeed, the United States Senate has not passed a budget in here years.

The President, who seeks a job for one in November, has proven again in his rhetoric that his is the only one. 

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