Thursday, December 8, 2011

Questions, Questions, Questiona About Newt

Has Newt Gingrich peaked too soon, or just in time?

Can Newt win Iowa without a strong ground game in effect?

Does Newt carry too much Baggage?

Will Newt’s infidelity trump Mitt’s Mormonism in the South on Super Tuesday?

Can he survive the statements of former staffers and colleagues?

What are his former campaign staffers thinking today?

What will the intensive media fly-specking, the Sarah Palin treatment, uncover?

Will Newt be Cained?

Can a lobbyist become President?

Will Congressman Gingrich become the first Republican to walk the plank on Freddie Mac?

What weight is given to a Newt flip flop versus a Mitt flip flop?

Is a career politician electable as President?

How many of his nine political lives does he have left?

Is Survivor his favorite reality show?

Will the candidate be able to control his mouth throughout the primary season and general election?

Will his new found support for immigration reform hurt him in the primaries, but help in the general election?

Is Congressman Gingrich the second coming of Lincoln, Churchill, Reagan, and Thatcher combined?

Will his wife’s spending habits become an issue?

Is Newt too short to be elected?

Is he too paunchy to be elected?

Is the former professor too cerebral for the public?

If Congressman Gingrich fails, who will be the next anti-Mitt?

Did Governor Romney play it too safe?

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