Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas: Explain How the Republicans Blew the Payroll Tax Cut?

Here we are, a day after Christmas and a week after the House Republicans caved on the 60 day extension of the payroll tax cut, not to mention the unemployment compensation extension.

How did they blow it?

How did they hand a tax cut issue to the Democrats – a true political oxymoron?

How did the House GOP manage the seemingly impossible task of getting the Wall Street Journal, Senator John McCain and Charles Krauthammer to agree with the New York Times and the Democrats?

Why didn’t they just accept the fraudulent Senate 60 day extension, and send it back to the Senate with one simple amendment – change the 60 days to 365 days?

Why didn’t they relabel the 60 day cut a “tax holiday” instead of a tax cut, even a phantom tax cut?

Can a 2 month $160 tax cut sink the Republican agenda?

What’s going to happen in two months when the payroll tax cut reappears in the middle of the primary season?

Will they be rolled again on the lure of a middle class tax cut?

Has the House GOP forgotten that the Democrats still control the Senate and the President has the Bully Pulpit with a friendly media?

Have the Republicans forgotten one of the most significant political strengths of President Reagan – better to get 70% and call it a victory than fight for the last percent?

When will the Republicans learn when to fight and when to fold?

Will the Republicans figure out how to beat the Democrats’ mischief as President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid use every trick possible to retain the Presidency and Senate?

Is any of this going to matter on November 6, 2012?

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