Friday, February 25, 2011

Were the Obamas Invited?

Did You Receive Your Invitation to the Royals Wedding?

The Royal Wedding – the wedding to date of the century and the New Millennium

A wedding that is worth a fortune to the British economy

A wedding in which the bride and groom enter without dark secrets, ignorance, or innocence. The beautiful young couple have been cohabiting with the blessings of the Royal Family.

So have you received your invitation?

I haven’t, but I can run a copy off on-line.

1900 invitations were sent, but not one to the President of the United States.

The Beckhams received their invitations, but not the Obamas.

Scores of crowned heads, some in exile and some from former colonies, received their invitations, but not one at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Elton John, who was so dedicated to Lady Di, received an invite, as did Kayne West, but not The White House.

Prime Minister David Cameron is attending, but not the President.

The President received the same non-invitation as Fergie and President Sarkozy of France.

The President, who was so big during the campaign on twitter and the latest technology, did not even receive an ebrite.

He was shunned.

Shouldn’t the special relationship between America and England warrant an invitation?

Technically, the Royal Wedding is a matter of domestic policy in England. Thus the Royal Family need not consider foreign relations in the invites. Certainly they have forgiven us for those misunderstandings of a couple of centuries ago.

Multiple choice question: Why didn’t the President receive an invitation to the Royal Wedding?

A. The British Government, in the aftermath of 9/11, reaffirmed its special relationship with the United States and the United Kingdom by presenting the White house with a bust of Winston Churchill, the “Churchill Bust.” The great British leader’s mother was American. President Bush placed the Churchill Bust in a prominent place in the Oval Office. One of President Obama’s first acts was to send the Churchill Bust back to England.

B. When then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown visited the United States, he engaged in the traditional exchange of historically significant gifts. President presented the Prime Minister with 25 American movie DVD’s and two plastic models of Marine I. American DVD’s don’t play in standard British players.

C. A spokesman for the Obama Administration stated: “There’s nothing special about Britain…No special treatment.”

D. When visiting England in February 2010, the President presented Queen Elizabeth a personalized IPod.

E. The President demonized BP during the Gulf Oil Blowout, threatening a major income source to British pensioners.

F. The Obama family believes his grandfather was tortured by British soldiers 6 decades ago during Kenya’s Mau Mau Uprising.

G. The President is a megalomaniac whose presence will detract from the solemnity and beauty of the ceremony.

H. All of the above.

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