Monday, February 28, 2011

Fleeing Legislators: Illinois' New Industry

State senators from Wisconsin and representatives from Indiana have fled to Illinois, seeking refuge. Illinois has proven hospitable, building a whole new hospitality industry to replace its dying industries.

A proven sanctuary for fleeing solons is recession proof. The economic multiplier will work, as a supporting infrastructure develops, including the always presents lawyers, and cash only operators. Legislators bring staff, lobbyists, and companions.

Illinois’ Governor Pat Quinn said “Illinois is always open.” That’s a proven fact.

Illinois is a proven green state when it comes to openness. It sets the record with 4 governors convicted of corruption and an additional two acquitted. A state, whose legislature once tried to deed the entire port of Chicago, to the Illinois Central Railway, is open.

Illinois’ location is providential. All roads, trains, and planes go through Illinois. The services can easily be marketed to other states with a historic supply of Pols on the Run or the Take, including Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maryland, and all points south.

For entertainment, the motels can set up “Let’s Make a Deal” and “Dialing for Dollars.”

Cable will show reruns of The Fugitive.

Many details still have to be fleshed out:

Do Chicago Rules apply statewide?

Will Happy Hour be 24/7?

Are the hospitality refuges union or non-union?

Can the state legislators’ per diems be credited to their bills?

Do the hotels and motels have to maintain a register of calls?

Will the services extend to members of Congress, governors and judges?

Do extended stays receive discounts?

Will a frequent sleeper/refuge points plan be offered?

Is it limited to just Democrats?

Will refuge be limited to legislative protests, or will it extend to those fleeing civil and criminal process, recalls and impeachment? Fleeing felons and fleeing legislators can overlap like Venn diagrams.

Will other states provide reciprocity to Illinois politicians?

The last three issues are critical because America knows that sooner or later, probably sooner, Illinois is open for business, ranging from Governors down, or is it up, to Chicago Aldermen.

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