Sunday, October 24, 2010

Big Winners or Big Losers on Election Day

President Barack Obama or Sarah Palin??

The Democratic Congress or The Republican Congress?

Senator Harry Reid or Sharon Angle?

The Old Congressional Bulls or the Young Turks?

Big Labor or The Chamber of Commerce?

Public Service Unions or Taxpayers?

Capitalism or Socialism?

Optimism or Pessimism?

California or Texas?

Taxpayers or the Public Sector?

Truth or the Big Lie?

Transparency or Dirty Tricks?

Talk Radio and FoxNews or the Traditional Media?

True Conservatives or Blue Dog Democrats?

The Tea Party or the GOP?

Votes or Polls?

Glen Beck or George Soros

Sean hannity or Keith Olbermann?

Pot or Medicinal Marijuana?

Taxes or Public Pensions?

Bondholders or Entitlements?

Workers or Transfer Payments?

Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer?

Freedom of Choice or the Nanny State?

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