Monday, July 12, 2010

Signs of the Coming Apocalypse

Lightning struck and burnt down a 6 story statute of Jesus in Monroe, Ohio on Monday, June 14, 2010.

A religious relic, a small piece of wood believed to be from Jesus' crucifixion cross,was stolen between June 30 and July 1 from the Blessed Sacrament Chapel at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston.

The Reverend Ron Baity, Honorary Chaplain of the North Carolina House of Representatives was relieved of his duties after closing an invocation asking Jesus to bless North Carolina.

The Young Mens Christian Association will now be known simply as the Y.

Students from the Wickenburg Christian Academy in Arizona on May 5 formed a circle on the side of he U.S. Supreme Court stairs and started praying when a Supreme Court security guard informed them their actions were illegal. They were told to take their prayers elsewhere eventhough the Court does not have a policy prohibiting prayer.

Believers, and non-believers, can find solace in ITunes Apps.

The Reverend Robert Schuller, founder of the once prosperous and now nearly bankrupt, Chrystal Cathedral, having fired his son as his successor two years ago, announced his retirement and turning over the pulpit to his recently ordained daughter, who later that day stated he had not retired. The ministry was founded 55 years ago in the parking lot of a drive in theater.

The Supreme Court held 5:4 that the Christian Legal Society at Hastings law school had to admit gays into its membership eventhough gay marriage is against its core believes, albeit not mine.

The Archbishop of Canterbury on December 29, 2009 stated “The trouble with a lot of government initiatives about faith is that they assume it is a problem, it’s an eccentricity, it’s practiced by oddities, foreigners and minorities.”

Alastair Campbell, ex-spokesperson for former Prime Minister Tony Blair “We don’t do religion.”

The European Court of Human Rights, upon the petition of a Finnish immigrant to Italy, held that Italy must remove crucifixes from the classrooms in public schools.

A Russian Court convicted two museum curators of inciting religious hatred by including in an exhibition images of Jesus Christ portrayed as Mickey Mouse and Vladimir Lenin. They were fined, but not imprisoned.

Due to a clerical error in March 200 million Muslims in Indonesia have not been praying to Mecca, but 1500 miles away to Kenya and Southern Somalia.

The General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments issued a Fatwa against vuvuzelas.

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