Friday, July 30, 2010

Senator John Kerry Wants Me

John Kerry Wants Me

I received a letter from Senator John Kerry the other day on behalf of the DSCC. Senator Kerry wants me. I’m thrilled, elated. Senator Kerry knows I exist. Either that or he bought my name from an environmental mailing list. Probably the latter, but the former is more ego gratifying.

Actually I didn’t even know the letter came from Senator Kerry until I flipped it over to see his name on the return address with the following initials “DSCC.” At least I didn’t flip it off.

The front of the envelope had this message on it:
“I have a message … We’ve come to take our government back,” quoting Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul.

I like that statement. We must take our government back before it goes the way of Greece, where 1/3 of the workers are employed by government, which is bankrupt.

I was relieved when I opened the envelope. The Senator was requesting a contribution of $15 to the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee (DSCC). I had been petrified “DSCC” stood for a deadly, infectious disease. It’s only a deadly dose of Keynesian economics.

The actual contribution form had a range of gifts ranging from $5 to $50. For a limited offer, $35 contribution I can get a DSCC “Let’s Make Lasting Change” recycled tote bag.

$5 – how low have the Democrats sunk; how desperate are they for contributions? Powerful senators like Kerry, Schumer and Dodd routinely raise millions in campaign contributions. They have no need for us “small people” except in campaign rhetoric. Senator Dodd long ago sold his soul to the finance industry.

I’m also relieved. I was scared Senator Kerry was seeking a contribution to pay the $437,500 Massachusetts sales tax on Isabel, his new yacht moored in Rhode Island, or the $70,000 in annual excise taxes on Isabel.

Senator Kerry is one of those liberals who believe in raising taxes that others should pay. The Obama Administration, led by Treasury Secretary Geithner, is full of tax scofflaws.

Senator Kerry’s explanation was that Isabel had a hole in it and had to be berthed in Rhode Island “for long-term maintenance, upkeep and charter purposes” since the yacht was designed by a Rhode Island yacht designer and purchased in Rhode Island.

It was built in New Zealand though so he probably should keep it moored and maintained in New Zealand.

The yacht cost $7 million to build, and in another tax evading technicality is registered to Great Point LLC, a limited liability corporation based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

With the spotlight shining on him, Senator Kerry announced on July 27 that he will pay full Massachusetts taxes on the yacht. He still wants $15 from me.

One more point about the letter. The US Post Office is losing billions of dollars. One might think that the Democratic Senators would be very supportive of the Post Office. However, they sent the letters out at the bulk rate of 8.9 cents compared to the normal postage rate we pay of 44 cents.

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