Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Predictions of the First Trump-Biden Presidential Debate (posted before the debate)

Vice President Biden Won Tonight’s Debate The media has ordained, but not yet proclaimed, Biden the winner The media has ordained Vice President Joe Biden the overwhelming winner in advance. Not even a close call. President Trump was an underperforming disappointment. All Biden has to do is stand straight, not mumble his words, or say “Com’on man” for 90 minutes. He will exceed all expectations, which are low to begin with. People will be impressed by his presence, poise, control and empathy. They will be wowed by his pit bull, attack presence going for the Trump jugular vein. He can stand up to pressure. Conversely, President Trump will be an out-of-control bully. The “professional” fact checkers will count 534 factual errors by President Trump, but not one by the flawless, knowledgeable Vice President, who attended HBCU Delaware State (not the University of Delaware) and was arrested at a South Africa Airport while trying to see Nelson Mandela. The President will fall short of his lofty expectations. Biden will be the brightest of the two – not a dim bulb.. No more “Sleepy Joe”! His dynamism was mesmerizing! Conversely President Trump was sweating under the pressure. So ordains the media. The election is over. Instant polls show President Trump plunging to new lows. You heard it here first! Question: Did Vice President Biden have “brilliant” answers sent to him through a concealed listening device?

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