Tuesday, September 15, 2020

$1 Million Bail for the Lancaster, Pennsylvania non-Peaceful Protestors

Lancaster Magisterial District Judge Bruce A. Roth Orders $1 Million Bail for Rioters: Great Idea, but Probably Unconstitutional Ricardo Munoz’s mother phoned 911 saying her son was posing a threat: domestic violence. Ricardo was a 27 year old suffering from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder who had gone off his meds. The officer’s body cam shows the officer approaching the door when Ricardo jumps out and starts running at the officer, wielding a sword. The officer resorted to deadly force to stop the felonious assault. The body can proves it was a legitimate exercise of self-defense and not excessive force as we have seen in many recent incidents. Doesn’t matter! The Antifa, BLM, woke mob soon emerged on Lancaster, attacking the police station. Their “peaceful” protest consisted of throwing bricks, water bottles, glass bottles, gallon jugs of liquids, part of road barricades, and flower planters at the police. Here we go again, déjà vu all over again. Not this time. The police made arrests for arson, criminal conspiracy, disorderly conduct, institutional vandalism, and rioting. One of the arrestees was on probation while another illegally possessed a firearm. Those two aren’t going anywhere soon. Judge Roth assigned a bail of $1 million for most of the arrestees. Lancaster’s police, district attorney and Judge Wolf do not believe in the catch and release policies of Chicago, D.C., Minneapolis, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, St. Louis, and Seattle. Hundreds of so-called protestors were quickly released or had charges dropped in those cities by progressive prosecutors and sometimes judges. Philadelphia’s DA Lawrence Krasner dropped charges against the “protestors,” but criminally charged two police officers with the use of excessive force. The DA had earlier performed pro bono work for Black Lives Matter. Mike Schmidt, Portland’s newly elected District Attorney, dropped hundreds of charges such that they were free to again engage in the 105 days and counting Portland riots. New York City proves you can assault police officers and be out on the street the next day. Chanice attacked two NYPD officers on the Brooklyn Bridge during a “peaceful” protest., leaving them bleeding. Her attorney described Chanice “as a kind and generous young lady,” a full-time student at Queen’s College, and a BLM activist. Quran Campbell, another assailant, struck NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan and two other officers. Quran was released without bail on supervised release. These DA’s and a host of others are George Soros social justice DA’S elected with Soros Money. $1 million sends a message and keeps the arrestees of the streets for at least a few nights. Let then enjoy jail! Unfortunately it’s probably unconstitutional. The 8th Amendment begins “Excessive bails shall not be required ….” $1 million bail. 13 Biden staffers boasted on Twitter of donating funds to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to provide bail to the protestors/ rioters/looters/felons et al in Minneapolis. Senator Kamala Harris tweeted a request for others to contribute to the fund. Joe Biden opposes, at least for now, cash bail.

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