Tuesday, July 14, 2020

What to Expect from the Biden Presidency

What to Expect From the New Biden Administration The media and polls have essentially declared a landslide Democratic landslide. Democratic candidates are outraising Republicans. The woke are energized against the President. Wait a moment; the election is 112 days away. Anything can change. Vice President Biden suffers from chronic foot in mouth disease. He can’t hide in the basement until November 3,200. As an aside, here’s my prediction if President Trump wins reelection. The riots and lootings the country has just suffered through will return with a vengeance. Peaceful demonstrations and protest parades occurred four years ago. Not so peaceful this year! So why this blog now? I was musing about it this past week as perhaps my last blog. Fortunately the Covid-19 test was negative. The Vice President tweeted on July 5 We “won’t just rebuild this nation – we’ll transform it.” President Elect Obama said five days before his inauguration that he would transform America. We know how that worked out. Biden pledged fealty to the teacher’s unions: “This is going to be a teachers-oriented Education Department of Education.” “You ‘ll have an NEA member in the White House.” What about the students? He promised no federal money, not even a penny, will go to charter schools. What about the students in the inner cities? Vice President Biden is an internationalist. Reinstatement of the Paris Accords. Reinstatement of the Iran nuclear accords. Continuation of the Obama-Kerry-Clinton foreign policy of naivete. The Vice President is pro-Israel, but against annexations. He’s big on tax increases. Echoing Walter Mondale, he said: “If you elect me, your taxes are going to be raised.” Income taxes. Corporations taxes. Eliminate capital gains taxes. Social security taxes. Estate taxes. Eliminate deductions. That’s a historically disastrous act in a time of economic distress. $15/hour minimum wage. Another tax on employers that will increase unemployment, especially in minority communities. No new fracking, well maybe, not sure, misspoke, don’t know. He defends the World Health Organization (WHO), which collaborated with China to deceive the world on Covid-19. Expanding ObamaCare. How has that worked out with the VA and Indian Health Service? Open borders. Citizenship for the undocumenteds already here. Partially defunding the police and penal system. Funding should be redirected away from the police to public schools, summer programs and substance abuse treatment. $300 million for community policing. $2 trillion green energy makeover. Goal of Zero emissions by 2035, but he said we only have 9 years!. Solyndra anyone? Eliminate “no-knock” warrants, the danger of which was highly foreseeable prior to Breonna Taylor’s tragic killing in Louisville. Severe restrictions on no-knock is fine with me. Should the penal system be used to rehabilitate or punish? Biden’s response: “One of the things we also need to be doing is fundamentally changing way we deal with our prison system.… It should be a rehabilitation system, not a punishment system.” Not a novel concept, but one which has repeatedly failed. Corruption. A radical, oops “progressive,” vice president. “Buy America;” $700 billion in purchasing U.S. goods and research and development. The $400 million for Buy America sounds good, but is a drop in the bucket of America’s economy. The R & D already has tens of billions pouring into America’s great research universities. Speaker Pelosi’s House of Representatives passed several bills that were going nowhere this term, but will be pushed to quick passage in the Biden Administration’s first 100 days. A Democratic Senate will rubber stamp the bills. The Senate will discard the filibuster if they have less than 60 Senators. If the Democrats control the President, House and Senate, they will stack the Supreme Court and lower courts. The District of Columbia will be granted statehood. That should be unconstitutional under the Constitution, which calls for a federal district (Art. I §8(17), but not with the revamped Supreme Court. Two more guaranteed Democratic Senators. A bailout of the bankrupt Democratic states, such as Connecticut, Illinois, and California, not to mention scores of cities. The First Amendment will not protect Hate Speech or Freedom of Religion. Pro Choice will outweigh Freedom of Religion. The Second Amendment will disappear. Gun control, except in the inner cities. Universal voting by mail. With ballot harvesting. Trillions; trillions; trillions! Inflation!

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