Friday, July 3, 2020

Memo to President Trump: Reelection Campaign

The GOP is suffering from the summer doldrums. The polls for the President are dismal. Biden outraised Trump last month. The economy is in the tank because of the Coronavirus followed by the rioting and looting of America – two crisis not yet under control. The media have already written your political obituary. They are saying the older voters are abandoning you. So are the Evangelicals. And the suburbs. Blue Collar workers are going back to Good Ole Joy. Don’t believe it. Republican elected officials sense a Democratic blowout on November 3, 2020, the same blowout that was predicted for November 8, 1916. Get out of your rumored funk. You’re getting plenty of advice, much contradictory. Remember, campaign gurus do not decide the election. You do! You are the President. You control the Bully Pulpit, the mainstream media notwithstanding. You control the message! The American people need to know you are in control. Yesterday is not enough; the question is what have you doing for us now? Remind America why they elected you. Remind America of all the promises you kept. Tell America that was just the beginning. Here’s what next. You have a vision for America. Joe Biden doesn’t always know what he’s running for or where he is. Make America Great Again was a great slogan. You made America great. The economy, the military, and most of all American Pride. You did it over the opposition of the Never Trumpers, sufferers of the Trump Derangement Syndrome, the Democrats, the mainstream media, Hollywood, the colleges, the elite, and the Deep State. What’s Next? Keep America Great? Only if you lay out a vision for the next four years. Cut the gratuitous negativity about Biden. He can self-destruct on his own. Contrast his failed policies and rhetoric of the past with your vision of the future. How you will make America even greater. Let the doubters understand that even today, July 3, 2020, they are better off than with four years, even one year of Biden. Tell the American People, not today but in a few months when emotions subside and reason returns, what the Black Lives Matter Manifesto contains. And tell the people again, and again, and again. In doing so you must also remind the African American community what you have done for them in the past four years: criminal reform legislation, record minority employment before the virus struck, the freeing of wrongly incarcerated blacks. Actions! Not Words! There’s a backlash coming. Start Saturday on Mount Rushmore, a symbol of America’s great leaders and American Pride. Explain Mount Rushmore is one of the great symbols of America. Remind the American People that both Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigned in 2008 at Mount Rushmore. Explain the Declaration of Independence. Read part of it, especially the introduction: “We hold these rights to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Explain to America the greatness of our history. Why America succeeded and remains a beacon to people from everywhere to claim a piece of the American Dream. The Democratic governors and mayors who tolerated the riots, looting and arson, and then are removing America’s heritage and pride, and their damaged cities. Remind Americans that’s the future of America under monolithic Democratic leadership in the next four years. Show the videos on Minneapolis, Seattle, Washington, D.C., New York City, and San Francisco. Show the carnage and homeless. Remind the American People They Are Proud to be Americans! You won’t reach any of the Wokers. They are not your audience. You need to assure the American people you are working for them. Use the Bully Pulpit almost every day from here to election day. Talk about Covid-19. Reassure the people. Keep it to 15-20 minutes. Don’t wing it. Present known facts and favorable actions. Don’t hesitate to point out the Henry Ford Health System study found hydroxychloroquine significantly reduced the death rate of Covid-19 patients in the study. No heart-related side effects occurred in the hydroxychloroquine patients. 2451 patients were in the study. 13% of the patients treated with the drug survived version a 26% death rate for those who did not receive it. You’re not good at reading verbatim. President Obama’s forte was the teleprompter. Reading doesn’t stimulate you the way your speeches from the heart do. You can do it by showing emotion in reading the remarks. Support the police and law and order. The American People do not support the defunding of the police. They want reform. Propose and re-propose and re-propose meaningful, reasonable police reform. Talk about the rising crime rates, the horrific crimes in these Democratic bastions. The Democrats are handing the law and order issue to the Republicans. Save the histrionics for your political rallies. The American People need assurance now. Let the media criticize you for your religious statements an calling the law and order campaign another Willie Horton ad (which was first used in 1988 by Senator Al Gore). Let them! They will simply relay your views to the public – free publicity. Let Joe Biden hide in the basement as you daily comfort the American people.

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