Friday, September 27, 2019

Impeachment II - The Constitutional Perils

On Impeachment – The Constitutional Perils Doing impeachment is going nuclear. The Democrats are playing with fire – Constitutional fire. The Democrats wanted to impeach President Trump the second it was clear Secretary Hillary Clinton lost. Impeach, Indict, Investigate became their mantra, in whatever order. Forget the facts; full impeachment ahead. Committee Chair Adam Schiff gave a bogus rendition full of lies of President Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian leader. He called it a parody. Representative Schiff has been doing his best imitation of Senator Joe McCarthy for the past three years. No claim, no matter how implausible, will do. The media will give it substance. Proof would be needed in a normal world, observing due process. Former Ohio Governor John Kasich is not a fan of President Trump. He said you can’t impeach over a phone call. There are not normal times for the Democrats. They are still in the first and second stages of grief management: Denial and Anger. Speaker Pelosi announced the initiation of an impeachment inquiry against President Trump. That’s old news; they’ve been doing it from the beginning, even before inauguration. Their reckless power grab is a threat to the long term stability of our republic. Due process, indeed the Constitution, has been tossed aside in the past three years – Trump, Kavanaugh, anything to destroy them for political purposes. They fail to learn the lesson of Harry Reid. His Senate majority tossed aside the long standing Senate filibuster rules to install President Obama’s judicial picks to stack the federal district and appellate courts with liberal judges to preserve President Obama’s legacy. What goes around, comes around. The Republican Senate tossed the filibuster rules for Supreme Court nominees. Hence, Judge Kavanaugh is now Justice Kavanaugh after the most divisive Senate confirmation process in history. They are risking the democracy. Impeachment for political reasons is dangerous What goes around will come around The Clinton impeachment was payback for Nixon Someday the Republicans in Congress will try to toss a Democratic president, using this “impeachment’ as precedence. It’s all political. The Democrats have spent almost three years looking for a basis, no matter how slender, to impeach President Trump. They have wanted to impeach President almost from the minute he defeated Hillary Clinton. Congressman Al Green (D. Tex.) said right after President Trump’s election: “If we don’t impeach this president, he will be reelected.” Georgetown Professor Neal K. Kaytal, former acting solicitor general under President Obama, penned an op-ed in today’s New York Times. His tenet is that “Impeachment Needs No Crime,” even though Article II, §4 provides for impeachment for “treason, Bribery or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Those are the specified grounds for impeachment. No other grounds exist. Professor Kaytal’s right in that while the Constitution requires a crime, impeachment is in fact a political act. Representative Nadler has been on a mission to impeach President Trump. They’ve spent three years looking for something, anything to pin impeachment on President Trump. They spent two years on the bogus Russian conspiracy cabal. They tried obstruction. Both failed with the Mueller report. If Robert Mueller’s handpicked partisans couldn’t nail President Trump, then Congress will not. They relied on Robert Mueller’s testimony, but he was a dud. Michael Avenatti and Stormy Daniels were good for a while. Now it’s a whistleblower and coverup. In the face of transparency, which was lacking in the Obama Administration. Always looking for something, anything, even if fabricated. Damn the facts, full impeachment ahead! Joe Biden said it best. He prefers the truth over facts! Representative Rashid Tlaib eloquently said a few hours after sworn into Congress: “We’re going to impeach this mother fucker.” She said it in front of her young son. The Representative is now selling “Impeach the MF” t-shirts for $29 for her reelection campaign. Damn the facts, full impeachment ahead! Damn the Constitution: full impeachment ahead! This country exists on the Rule of Law, reflected in the Constitution. The Constitutional values ensure the end does not justify the means. The Constitution provides the process for electing the President and process and grounds for removing the President. The Democrats want to overturn the election, without any proof of treason, bribery, high crimes or misdemeanors, by political chicanery. They wish to overturn the vote which elected President Trump. They can’t believe their perfect candidate, their anointed candidate, the perfectly flawed Hillary Clinton could lose to Donald Trump. They believe he must have had outside help, such as the Russians to win. The Democrats keep underestimating Donald Trump. They want to commit political, presidential regicide. It will mark the end of the republic. Mob rule will rule – a mob of partisan Democrats. The means justify the end for these Democrats. The end is the removal from office of President Trump, irrespective of the Constitution and the public which elected him. Impeachment without a crime on a purely partisan basis trashes the Constitution. The rights of all are at risk. Rights do not exist without adherence to the Constitution. Many liberals support the concept of a living constitution that can change judicially with the times. These Democrats want to ignore the Constitution. Speaker Pelosi has a problem. The story is that she’s not in favor of impeachment. She understands the politics. The reality is that she may not have a choice. 220 of her Democratic colleagues are publicly committed to an impeachment inquiry. They are committed to impeachment. The pressure will become a tsunami – for Democrats.

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