Sunday, September 15, 2019

Banned in Frisco: Civics Lessons in San Francisco

Once upon a time, in an era far, far away, you couldn’t call San Francisco “Frisco” in good company. That’s the least of San Francisco’s problems today. Now there is a new list of banned in Frisco: Plastic straws Tropical fish The sale of new fur pieces Plastic water bottles at SFO (owned by San Francisco). Plastic and paper bags, unless made as reusables. Styrofoam containers Packing peanuts Workplace cafeterias Happy Meals with toys. Burger King and MacDonald's now charge a dime extra for the toys E-cigarettes (Juul is based in San Francisco – at least for now) Outdoor smoking almost everywhere. Chocolate milk in schools - why limit it just to schools if it’s so bad? City funded travel by municipal employees to states that restrict abortions. Facial recognition by local law enforcement (excludes federal law enforcement) Library fines for overdue books (Am I off the hook for a Folger Shakespeare copy I left on a Muni bus in 1963-4?) Riding bicycles on the sidewalk over the age of 13. Pet sales Declawing cats Washing a car with non-recycled water Handgun possessions for private use (so much for self defense) Upholstered furniture containing fire retardant chemicals. Sitting or lying in sidewalks – someone forgot to tell the homeless Unsolicited delivery of Yellow Pages phone books Electric scooters – so popular elsewhere in America Free Speech No longer does San Francisco have “convicted felons;” They are now “justice-involved individuals.” “Juvenile delinquents” are now "Young people impacted by the juvenile justice system.” “Drug addicts” have become “people with a history of substance abuse.” George Orwell would be proud of Frisco’s NewSpeak. Actual restrictions on speech. Advertisements for guns or violence. The greatest free speech, First Amendment problem is deciding the NRA is a domestic terrorist organization. The NRA has never bombed or shot up a church, school, synagogue, or office. It simply advocates for the rights of gun owners. It uses its First Amendment rights of Free Speech to support the Second Amendments rights of gun owners. That is constitutionally protected speech. What’s encouraged in San Francisco? Public defecation by the homeless. Drug usage with San Francisco providing free needles. Car smashing, although the city and federal governments provide warnings your cars may be broken into (About 5 dozen cars daily are broken into). The city and police don’t care. Shoplifting – reduced fines Bike lanes. We had to take a class in Civics in high school in San Francisco. The City by the Bay is now totally woke.

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