Saturday, April 13, 2019

What Happened to the "Harasser" Joe Biden? The Attacks Did Not Work

The United States faces tremendous issues today: China Expansionism Russian Expansionism Iranian Terrorism Venezuela Syria Sudan Yemen Turkey and the Kurds Israel and the Mideast Hamas and Hezbollah Al Qaeda ISIS Rise of Anti-Semitism Cyber Security Russian Hacking Chines Hacking Iranian Hacking North Korean Hacking Terrorism Immigration Legal and Illegal Global Trade Opioids Energy, Electricity, Environment & Climate Change College Tuition and Student Loans Free Speech on Campuses Affirmative Action Inequality Homeless Criminal Justice Reform Prison Reform Public Pension Liabilities What are we obsessed with? Vice President Joe Biden’s hugs. We spent two weeks with democrats obsessed with Joe. The Democratic Presidential candidates sounded like an out of tune chorus railing against Joe. Will the #MeToo Movement claim Joe? Joe Biden is an empathetic, warm hail fellow well met. He hugs people – men, women, and children. He does not discriminate. He hugs – not grope. And now the sounds of silence on Joe. Why silence? It wasn’t working. Polls currently show Joe Biden with solid leads in California, Iowa and New Hampshire. Americans know Joe. He is a known quantity. The others are not. They know he’s a shaker and hugger. They know he misspeaks all the time. He’s transparent. They also know Joe is one of them – the “Common Man” if we can still use that phrase. He will never appeal to the AOC-Omar-Tlaib generation unless he becomes the Democratic nominee. He’s too old, too old school, not radical enough for them. He appeals to the non-elites, the blue collar workers, steel workers, voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. He’s one of them. He’s paid his dues. All the attacks did was remind the American voter that Joe Biden is authentic. Of course, Joe Biden’s judgment is often wrong on economics, foreign policy, and national security!

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