Monday, April 1, 2019

Reflections on the Mueller Investigation

Representative Adam Schiff, who sees Russia Collusion everyone, is becoming the Tail-Gunner Joe McCarthy, who saw Communists everywhere, of our generation If the Democrats really want the full report released quickly, they can try to enact a law, signed by the President, requiring full disclosure of grand jury testimony, intelligence sources, and investigative materials instead of postulating. President Trump said two years ago that After 22 months, 19 anti-Trump lawyers, 40 FBI agents and experts, 500 interviews, 2800 subpoenas, $34 million, and grand jury powers, the Mueller Investigation found absolutely no collusion between the President or his campaign staff, with the Russians. What makes the Democrats in Congress think they will find anything meaningful? Our top intelligence and Justice Department authorities were engaged in a cabal, also known as a conspiracy or collusion. They tried to become the modern version of the Roman Praetorian Guard and the Ottoman Janisaries. Release it all: The full Mueller Report The FISA warrants The pen registers Phone records Release it All Emails The Page/Strzok emails Comey’s emails and files Brennen emails Clapper emails Clinton’s emails Release it All Benghazi Uranium One Clinton Foundation The Clinton emails Fast and Furious IRS/Lois Lerner records The unmaskings The attempts to directly or indirectly bug/wiretap Donald Trump, his aides, and Trump Tower Haul Them Before a Grand Jury The DOJ Roberta Lynch Sally Yates Bruce Ohr (and Nellie Ohr) The FBI James Comey Andrew McCabe Peter Strzok Lisa Page Rod Rosenstein James Rybicki Mike Kortan David Laufman James Baker Bill Priestap Josh Campbell James Turgal Greg Brower Michael Steinbach John Giacalone The CIA John Brennan David Cohen Director of National Security James Clapper Fusion GPS Glenn Simpson Christopher Steele The State Department Samantha Powers The Lawyer Michael Sussman& Perkins Coie Sally Rice Daniel Richman Hillary Clinton Cheryl Mills Heather Samuelson Huma Abedin Yes, Let’s Get It All Out Let’s Futher Learn About the Comey-Clapper-Brennan Collusion/Conspiracy - the conspiracy between intelligence agencies that attempted to select, not elect, the President of the United States. Let it all out, or appoint a new special prosecutor. The biggest winner in the past two years is Vladimir Putin. His goal is to seed discord among the American people. He succeeded.

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