Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Democratic Plans for Eternal Governance

Rebuild the Obama Coalition Identity Politics Class Warfare Let Ex-cons Vote Green New Deal Democratic Socialism Universal Basic Income Reparations Minimum Wage Rent Control Affirmative Action The Youth Vote Lower the Voting Age to 16 Free College Tuition Troll the Campuses for Proxy Votes Free Pot Social Media Block Conservative Speech of Campuses Climate Change Media Let Undocumented Immigrants Vote (San Francisco) Open Borders Eliminate ICE Grant Statehood to the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico Structural Changes in the Constitution, the Fabric That Has Held the United States united for over Two Centuries Eliminate the Checks and Balances that Underline America’s Democracy Stack the Supreme Court with As Many Justices as Necessary, Thereby Turning the Supreme Court into the Third Political Branch Stack the Lower Courts Eliminate the Electoral College Let California, New York and the Large Cities Elect the President Troll the Homeless Camps for Proxy Votes Troll the Potheads for Proxy Votes End Freedom of Speech for Conservatives on Campuses End Senate Filibusters Free! Free! Free! Free Healthcare Third Trimester Abortions Public Employee Unions Voter Fraud Anti-Semitism

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