Friday, March 15, 2019

Memo to Dems: Beto's the Man!

Memo to Dems: Beto’s the Man Democrats are flocking into the 2020 Presidential election, and dropping out, almost two years before the election. Senators, Representatives, Governors, Mayors, former politicos, financiers (?). The field is open. They’re trying to reunite the Obama Coalition: Minorities, students, labor, environmentalists, trial lawyers, and women. Sometimes it’s the messenger rather than the message. Most candidates are espousing the same message. Not much substantively separated Senators Clinton and Obama in 2008. Senator Obama could convey a positive image and message: “Hope and Change!” Think back three years. Most of the Republican candidates had the same platform, the standard Republican platform of low taxes, reduced regulation, judicial appointees. Many would have been excellent presidents. Only one stood out though. Only one could connect with the blue collar worker and mid-America. Donald Trump. He connected. Ronald Reagan connected. Barack Obama connected. Beto O’Rourke connects. So what if he had a sparse record in Congress. He wants to pack the Suprere Court with 15 justices. He is the King of Cool. So what if many of his positions are unformed. He’s a progressive. He has the forensics ability of President Obama. He sounds so profound, but if you look closely at the text, there’s not much there. He’s young. He’s telegenic. He looks like Robert Kennedy in one photo. He gets good publicity. Vanity Fair has him on its April cover with the cover photo by Annie Leobovitz. The American people are sickened by the politics of personal destruction in an increasingly divided America. They want the restoration of civility. Many of the candidates profess the ability and desire to walk across the aisle and bring the parties together in a bi-partisan Kumbaya. Several of the Senators showed in the Kavanaugh hearings that while they might talk the talk, they could not, would not walk the walk. Beto projects the aura, as did Francois Macron in France and Justin Trudeau in Canada, of a fresh face who can unite. Beto wandered after college, experimenting with a variety of activities, even poetry. He then returned to the family business: politics. Robert Francis O’Rourke is the epitome of White Privilege. Ironically, he may unite the modern Democratic Party, which is based on identity politics. Memo to the Dems: You’re auditioning for VEEP.

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