Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Ohio State University 62: The University of Michigan 39

Once again Lucy pulled the football out from Charlie Brown. This time though, she not only yanked the football out, but she then kicked the ball in his face. Oh it was disappointing. It was ugly. It was like getting hit on the head with a 2X4. Finally, the curse would be broken. Michigan had won 10 straight with the toughest defense in the nation. Finally the team had a decent offensive line and a healthy quarterback. Ohio State had been playing poorly, even losing to Purdue by 29 points. TOSU beat Maryland by one point a week ago. The signs were aligned. Michigan had blown out Penn State and Wisconsin. They beat Michigan State in East Lansing. Michigan defeated a top ranked team on the road for the first time in forever. The Wolverines were ranked fourth in the nation, headed to the Big (Ten) Conference Championship game, followed by a spot in the BCS final four, presumably in Dallas. Michigan had already defeated Northwestern. Yes, Jim Harbaugh had brought the Wolverines back to national prominence. Pre-season expectations were 8-4 or possibly 9-3. My prediction was 8-5 to 14-1. I held out for 14-1, predicting Michigan would win it all. That was excessive exuberance. The Michigan family was excited, ecstatic, exuberant. Finally, after 11 long years wandering the pig iron wilderness. 1-14 against the Buckeyes in the past 15 years. The Wolverine Revenge Tour had checked off Michigan State, Penn State, and Wisconsin. Only the Buckeyes were left. Someone forgot to tell Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes that Michigan was back. They quickly scored on a 57 second drive. That was just the beginning. Three touchdowns in their first five series. Michigan’s vaunted defense was shredded by crossing patterns. The great pass defense applied no pressure to the Buckeye’s Heisman candidate QB Dwayne Haskins, Jr., who put on a passing exhibition. He was never sacked or even pressured. Similarly, Michigan’s porous offensive line leaked, not on every play, but on many. Wisconsin similarly torched Michigan last year, winning 42-13 and gaining 502 offensive yards. Michigan’s defensive coordinator Don Brown said he woke up every morning since then, thinking about the game. Michigan won 42-7 this year. We hope he wakes up every morning until next year’s game thinking about the this year's TOSU rout. The viciousness of social media erupted after the game. Cries arose to fire Harbaugh, Don Brown, and Pep Hamilton. Rashan Gary and Chase Winocvich are overrated. A 10-2 record was absolutely unacceptable. Get a life! The 2018 Michigan Wolverines exceeded expectations. Many fans globally have high, not always justified, expectations The question is "What have you done for me lately"? They possess short memories and no patience. It’s happening on blogs for Florida State and USC. One blogger at FSU targeted first year football coach Willie Taggert by posting a meme showing him being lynched. Utterly despicable! Michigan – Ohio State may be The Game, but it’s only a game - not life. Get a life! It’s only a game!

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