Thursday, November 15, 2018

Count Every Legal Vote

Make Every LEGAL Vote Count. Back to the Bush-Gore 2000 Florida Vote Democratic mantra: Make Every Vote Count. 2018 the Florida Vote Democratic mantra: Make every vote count that counts. Yes, let every vote count: The non-residents. The illegal voters. The legally disenfranchised. The double voting. The graveyards voting. The totally bogus votes. The voters who can’t read or follow the voting instructions. Adjust the undercount as desired. Fill in the blanks. No, let every legal vote count. A history of late suspicious, “newly discovered” bundles of votes switching elections to Democrats from the erstwhile winning Republicans. Let’s start with “Landslide” Lyndon Johnson. Congressman Johnson lost his first race for the Senate in 1941. He went to bed on election night, declared the winner by 5,000 votes. He made the mistake of declaring early the vote count in the counties he controlled. He woke up the next morning learning that Governor W. Lee “Pappi” O’Daniel won by 1,311 votes through the voter fraud late returns from East Texas. LBJ, the master politician, learnt to control the final vote. Next time in 1948 he controlled the late returns, turning a 20,000 vote loss into a 87 vote victory over Coke Stevenson. The icing on his victory cake was Precinct 13 from Alice, Texas with 202 votes in alphabetical order six days after the polls closed. The 1960 Presidential Election resulted in Senator John Fitzgerald Kennedy defeating Vice President Richard Nixon by 8,800 votes in Illinois and 46,000 votes in Texas. History tells us Mayor Daley in Chicago and Vice President nominee Lyndon Baines Johnson of Texas stole the election. Nixon would have won with an honest count in Illinois and Texas. He decided, for the good of the country, not to contest the result. How times have changed? We have the miraculous discovery of votes that gave Al Franken a 225 vote victory over Senator Norm Coleman in 2008. The incumbent Senator initially had a 726 vote victory on election night with the official count showing him winning by 215 votes. Then came a recount, reconsidering rejected absentee ballots. The comedian suddenly won by 225 votes. The Supreme Court of Minnesota reviewed the case and raised Al Franken’s victory margin to 312 votes. The Democrats controlled the Senate so an appeal to the Senate by Senator Coleman would have been futile. 1,099 felons voted illegally. Senator Coleman could not effectively appeal to the Senate because the Democrats controlled it. Senator Franken and Senator Arlen Spector, who switched from Republican to Democrat, gave the Democrats the 60 Senate votes necessary to break a filibuster and pass ObamaCare. The lead attorney for Al Franken was Marc Elias, who currently is the lead attorney for Senator Bill Nelson in Florida. The attorney arranged for the preparation of the Fusion GPS Russia-Trump Dossier – “The Russian Connection.” Then we have Florida in 2000 when Broward and Palm Beach County wanted to keep recounting until they found the magic number to overturn Governor Bush’s election as President. The Democrats only tried to recount in the Democratic counties. They wanted to count every ballot, or so they proclaimed. They tried to exclude the overseas military ballots. And now we have Florida redux. Bundles of ballots suddenly found after the election. A history of misfeasance or malfeasance in Broward County. An admitted exclusion of 28 ballots by non-citizens and then placing those ballots into a stack of 250 legitimate ballots with no way to distinguish them. That was either an anomaly or the tip of the iceberg. Democratic watchers attempting to get a ballot from an illegal resident counted. Count every vote, or make every vote that counts be counted? Make every legal vote count. Don’t try to divine the intent of voters. It’s no more accurate than the Oracles of Delphi. Don’t presume the undervotes intended to vote for the Senate candidate. If they didn’t mark it, they didn’t mark it. Don’t let federal district judges decide the elections. If Broward and Palm Beach Counties tilt the outcome to Senator Nelson, then the right will cry stolen election. The final recount on the Florida Senate election will be by the Republican Senate and not by the state. If the state rules for Senator Nelson and the United States Senate reverses, then the left’s cry of stolen election will ring out through the country. Let all legal votes count. I really wanted to write: Send in the clowns Send in the lawyers

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