Monday, February 5, 2018

Yes, James Comey "That's It" - For now

James Comey’s response to the Nunes Memo was a simple “That’s It?” as if it were a nothing burger. The former FBI Director is very lucky in that the media is obsessed with destroying the Trump Presidency and touting the Democratic talking points. Had his conduct occurred during Nixon’s Watergate, he would have been indicted, as would Attorney General Roberta Lynch, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, FBI Special Agent Peter Stryck, FBI attorney Lisa Page, Assistant Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, and a host of others. The crime is simple: The Obama Administration politicized the Justice Department, FBI, and IRS to destroy the political opposition. They repeated violated the constitutional rights of conservatives. CIA Director John Brennen and National Security Advisor James Clapper, who lied to Congress and the American people, became facilitators The “Dossier” in question was prepared for by a company called FusionGPS, which had it prepared by Christopher Steele, a former British MI6 agent Christopher Steele. Mr. Steele sources were Russians for scurrilous information on Donald Trump. He never going to Russia. We found out today that Democratic operatives also provided information to Steele. The Dossier was paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Campaign. It was simply a piece of trashy opposition research. You can find it online if you search. Cutting through the flak leaves us with a simple reality. The FBI used unverified opposition research, the false Steele Dossier, to spy on the campaign of the opposition party. The fake dossier in turn became the Strzok-Page “insurance policy” of Trump-Russia collusion. It’s all based on a fake dossier, which the FBI knew was bogus. They subsequently terminated Christopher Steele for revealing confidential information to Mother Jones Magazine. Christopher Steele was very talkative. He spun the Dossier information to Yahoo, New York Times, Washington Post, and the New Yorker and other sources. Yahoo published a report, which was used by the FBI and Department of Justice in serving as the second sources for the warrants. He continued to provide information to Bruce Ohr through Ohr’s wife, who worked for Fusion GPS to acquire information on Donald Trump. Then FBI Director Comey appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee in June. He testified that the Dossier contained “salacious and unverifiable” information. Yet he signed three applications for FISA warrants, which had to be based on verifiable information. Was James Comey lying before Congress or the FISA Court, or perhaps both? James Comey’s, et al, acts during the 2016 election year display either misusing the FBI to elect Hillary Clinton or gross incompetence. He drafted the letter exonerating Hillary Clinton before interviewing her, while granting immunity to her assistants. He proceeded to not prosecute her for multiple violations of the Espionage Act eventhough that is not the FBI’s prerogative. It is the decision of the Attorney General or United States Attorneys to prosecute. The Nunes Memo, which he minimizes, tells us the FBI proceeded to investigate the Republican Presidential Campaign based on a fake dossier funded by the Democratic Party while ignoring the violations of the Democratic Presidential candidate with national security messages on her private server. The first request for a FISA warrant was denied by the FISA court. The FBI returned to the FSA Court with a new request based on the Dossier. Deputy FBI Director McCabe said the FBI would have not sought the warrant without the Dossier. The warrant was dated October 21, 2016 and directed against Carter Page The first FISA warrant was a Title I warrant which allows the FBI to surveil anyone Carter Page talked to – in short, the Trump campaign and Trump Tower in an open-ended warrant. The FBI was technically surveilling Page, but clearly the Trump Campaign and appointees were surveilled. The warrant became the cover story to spy on the Trumps The Democrats, led by the chronic leaker Congressman Adam Schiff, and the mainstream media have waged a vitriolic attack on Congressman Nunes and the Committee Report, but do not point to any factual errors in it. 1) The Nunes Memo betrays secrets and national security If you read the Memo, you will not find any breaches of security 2) It contains omissions: The FBI had the opportunity to fill in the deletions and omissions prior to publication 3) It demoralizes the FBI and other security agencies; It only names the highly politicized upper levels of the FBI and Justice Department. 4) It breaks an unwritten rule of not criticizing the intelligence agencies There’s also an express rule that the agencies stay out of politics It is also illegal for these agencies to unmask 200 American citizens involved in the Trump Campaign and appointees 5) It is an attack to discredit the Mueller Investigation Why not? Special Prosecutor stacked his staff with Clinton and Obama loyalists? 6) It is a partisan attack: How ironic! The Democrats and mainstream media have been waging a vicious partisan attack on President Trump since his election. 7) There’s no proof; The Los Angeles Times headlines was: “GOP Memo Alleges, Doesn’t Prove FBI Abuses” How further ironic! The mainstream media and millions of Democrats are obsessed with the Russian Connection electing Donald Trump, who is also guilty of obstruction of justice. Neither of which has any proof. The reason for the bristling attacks on Nunes and the Memo is simple: They destroy the entire narrative of the Russian Connection with Donald Trump. In law anything that comes from the bogus, unlawful warrant is known as “The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree” and is inadmissible. James Comey knows there’s a lot more there!

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