Wednesday, February 21, 2018

170 Political Scientists Rank President Obama the Nation's 8th Best President and President Trump the Worst! What duh????

Professors Brandon Rottinghaus of Houston and Justin S. Vaughn of Boise State released the results of their survey of members of the American Political Science Association’s Section of Presidents and Executive Politics. President Obama jumped to eighth place from 18th four years ago. President Trump came in dead last, beating out President James Buchanan. We understand that the political science professoriate will reflectively rank sitting Republican Presidents as the worst of the worst, but let’s see how President Obama earned the distinction of America’s 8th best President. Could it be he weaponized the IRS, FBI, and Justice Department in a war against conservatives? President Nixon wanted to do that, but failed. Is it because President Obama politicized the CIA and NSA? Is it because the Obama Administrative unmasked 200 political opponents? Is it because President Obama created a DACA rule when he said he lacked constitutional power to do so? Is it because President Obama first went AWOL during Benghazi and then lied about Benghazi? Is it because of Fast and Furious? Is it because he did nothing about Russian interference in the 2014 midterm elections and the 2016 Presidential Election? Is it because of his exemplary kowtowing to dictators in Iran and Russia? Is it because he returned the Churchill Bust to England and then denied it? Is it because he bypassed the Senate’s treaty ratification powers with the Paris Accords? Is it because he shipped $1.7 trillion in cash to Iran’s mullahs? Is it because he traded $400 million and five terrorists for the return of Bowe Bergdahl, a deserter? Is it because he let Russia buy 20% of the nation’s uranium supply? Is it because of his red line in Syria? Is it because he supplied the Ukrainian armed forces with MRE’s? Is he because he sent operatives and money to Israel in an attempt to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu? Is it because of worsening race relations in the United States? Is it because of the poor medical care provided our veterans by the VA? Is it his consistent failure to call a Radical Islamic Terrorist a Radical Islamic Terrorist? Is it President Obama’s inability to use the word “ISIS”? Is it a consistently underperforming economy, never reaching a 3% growth rate? Is it the shrinking self-described 63% of the public as middle class at the beginning of his administration to 51% at the end of his administration? Is it in failing to provide benefits to the victims at Fort Hood? Is it letting foreign countries hack into the NSA, OPM, Postal Service, FBI, State Department, NOAA, and the Pentagon? Is it because he gave control of Congress and most statehouses to the Republicans? Is it by wiretapping a Fox News Reporter and labeling him a co-conspirator in a warrant signed by Attorney General Eric Holder? Is it the thousands of hours he spent golfing and vacationing? Is it because the “Hope and Change” of 2008 became the “Hope for Change” of 2016?

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