Saturday, July 8, 2017

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Shows Renewed Contempt for the NYPD, Again

Seemingly assured of a landslide reelection, Mayor de Blasio is shirking his responsibilities to the people of New York City. His contempt for the NYPD raised its ugly, little head again. The rail system in New York City is deteriorating with a number of accidents and delays. The mayor is gallivanting around America, lining up big city mayors in an anti-trump crusade. Ayn Rand, if she’s looking down with Atlas Shrugged in her hand, will be smiling, saying “I told you so”. Major de Blasio is in Hamburg, Germany. Alexander Bond, a deranged police hating nut job suffering from schizophrenia and depression, assassinated NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia at 12:30AM Wednesday as she was filling out paper work in the cab of a NYPD mobile crime control vehicle in a high crime area of the Bronx. The Mayor said a few words at a press conference a few hours later, and then flew to Hamburg, Germany on Thursday to join the G 20 protestors. The Mayor, who idolatrized the Sandinistas and honeymooned in Cuba, still retains contempt for the police. The NYPD was swearing in 524 new officers on Thursday. The Mayor could have congratulated them on their dedication, their proud service to New York, the long history of the NYPD. He could have warmly welcomed them to the force. He could, but didn’t! He didn’t even leave a formal message to them. His absence was a message. He does not have their backs. The mayor flew to Hamburg Thursday to deliver the Keynote Address at the Hamburg Shows Attitude event, a protest for “democracy and human rights,” and to visit his son in Germany. The Mayor at a press conference in Hamburg blew off a reporter for the New York Post. The Post ran a headline: “AND DON’T COME BACK.” The Mayor, during his campaign four years ago, and after his inauguration, badmouthed the police. NYPD Sergeant Hugh Barry was indicted a few weeks ago for murder in his fatally shooting a woman who attacked him with a baseball bat. Sergeant Barry had the privilege of self-defense to protect himself against deadly force. The Mayor praised the indictment. That was a message to the police. Mayor de Blasio is posturing himself to be the Progressive Anti-Trump. The garbage is piling up on city streets, the trains are derailing, the homeless numbers are growing on the city streets, the streets weren’t cleared over the winter, cops are being killed, and the Mayor is absent. The country, not just New York City, will pay a steep price if the City resorts to its status two decades ago.

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