Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Relax: There's Still 96 Days Till Election Day

The media, having excoriated Donald Trump for weeks, now says the Republican Party is panicking. The media is hyperventilating; they’re writing an intervention will occur. They’re now saying he’s crazy. They’re highlighting the defectors from the Republican Camp. They're practically dancing on Trump's political grave. Warren Buffett was campaigning in Nebraska with Hillary Clinton. Where’s the news in that? He’s been a long time Clinton supporter who argues we need to raise taxes (His are sheltered). Jeffrey Inmelt, Chair of GE, is reported to be a Republican, but GE is highly dependent on government contracts in some of its products such that he has been a shill for the Obama Administration. It’s called “crony capitalism.” Meg Whitman, a Silicon Valley billionaire, ran for Governor of California as a Republican. She now says she is not only endorsing Hillary Clinton, but will contribute to her campaign. Meg Whitman, whatever her many accomplishments, ran a mediocre campaign for Governor. The latest polls show the Democrat up by 10%. Trump’s statements about Judge Curiel and the Khans have been damaging. They have diverted attention from his primary arguments: Clinton’s untruthfulness, the economy, trade, and immigration. Much of the mainstream media is now totally in the Clinton camp, but that’s no surprise. The New York Times is increasingly trivializing itself. Yesterday it ran a front page article, essentially saying Donald trump was a draft dodger during Vietnam. Here’s yesterday’s headline: “Seemingly Fit, Trump Avoided Vietnam Draft.” He received 4 student deferments, and then a 1-S (a medical classification short of the IV-F) for heel spurs, apparently based on a doctor’s notes. I received a IV-F, which meant I was physically not qualified for the draft. The IV-F was due to asthma. I am a chronic asthmatic. I received the classification based up the doctors’ files. Selective Service could have required me to undergo a physical, but didn’t.. Selective Service could have required the young Donald Trump to go through a physical, but they apparently didn’t. That’s not the problem with the New York Times. Let’s go back to the 1992 New Hampshire primary when Governor Bill Clinton was accused of being a draft dodger. The record showed he was. He had 4 student deferments, but would have been subject to the draft after graduating. No deferment would be issued for a Rhodes Scholar. He was reclassified I-A, which meant he was due to be inducted fairly soon. Instead, he signed up for the ROTC. Then he got lucky. The Selective Service lottery system was adopted. His number was 311, which meant he was fairly immune form induction. His response was to kiss ROTC goodbye He reneged on his signed agreement. This is what the New York Times wrote in 1992: “Bill Clinton, who despised the Vietnam War ‘with a depth of feeling I had reserved solely for racism,’ may or may not have exposed himself to actual risks of induction. But to single him out as some sort of devious draft-dodger does him, and the anguish of Vietnam, an injustice.” The New York Times had no problem with Vice President Joe Biden’s 5 student deferments and even begrudgingly with Vice President Dick Cheney’s 5 student deferments. Donald Trump must understand the Media will flyspect every second of his life and every word he utters while giving Hillary Clinton a pass. He has to know that. He needs to show some discipline. No more winging it! No more flippant remarks! Keep to his 3-4 main points: Change, Change, Change, and Change. Stop being a New York street fighter through November. His fight is with Clinton-Obama, not fellow Republicans. Relax. There’s 96 days till the election. Polls go up and down. There’s ebbs and tides in a campaign. The Clinton Campaign is trying to keep her muzzled except for trashing Trump. She can’t run on President Obama’s record. She can’t run on her accomplishments. She can’t run on her personality. She, and they, have to demonize Trump. Sometime in the next 96 days she will say something so arrogant, so stupid, so insulting to the American people that the media will have to cover it. Sometime in the next 96 days she will tell so monstrous a lie, so offensive a lie, that even the bury will not be able to ignore it. Let Hillary be Hillary. She will resurrect the Trump Campaign even if he can’t. Sometime in the next 96 days more bad news about the economy will emerge. Most of all, sometime in the next 96 days an external event will occur, such as a terrorist attack in the United States, that the American people will turn to Trump.

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