Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Obama Primer On How Not To Respond to Global Radical Islamic Terrorism

Shift the discussion to gun control away from terrorism Blame terrorist acts on the NRA rather than Radical Islam Pretend Radical Islam does not exist, but is simply a perversion of Islam Don't use terms, such as "radical Islamic terrorism," "Jihad," or "Sharia." Call the Fort Hood shootings workplace violence rather than Islamic terrorism Have the FBI focus on Hate Crimes directed at groups, such as Muslims, rather than terrorism directed from Radical Islam Push out the leaders of Egypt and Libya, and then create a vacuum to be filled by radicals Draw a line in the sand in Syria, and then ignore it Don’t provide arms to the Kurds Open the borders Ignore the obvious Ignore the lessons of history Ignore the warnings of the CIA, FBI, and NSA Directors, and their testimony to Congress Release unrepentent Gitmo detainees Don't learn from your failures Repeatedly dump on our one true ally in the Mideast, Israel, and Prime Minister Netanyahu Continue to shrink and degrade our military Appoint politicos as your national security advisors Get rid of strong military and intelligence leaders Be feckless Practice the politics of appeasement Pretend Benghazi was about a video nobody saw rather than a planned terrorist attack Snatch defeat from the Jaws of Victory in Iraq, and not quite yet in Afghanistan Throw a temper tantrum on national TV when your actions, non-actions, or mis-actions are called into question Do your best imitation of Nero who fiddled while Rome burned Believe “clever” linguistics and word play will deceive the American people, and perhaps yourself Call it “homegrown” terrorism rather than global radical Islam Pretend we don’t know the reasons for the terrorist attacks And then don't try to discover or understand the causes Accuse Trump of dangerous remarks for promising to exclude Muslims when you shut the door to Iraqi refugees for almost a year for security reasons, but increase the Syrian influx, which includes terrorists

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