Thursday, May 19, 2016

Feel the Bern! Get the Bern! Here's What to Look Forward To

Venezuela Puerto Rico Greece Detroit Flint Hartford San Bernardino South Bronx Baltimore California Illinois Veterans Administration ObamaCare TSA Post Office DC Metro Public Education Roads and Highways Deferred Maintenance in our public institutions of Higher Education Slight possibility of free college tuition, but a high probability of no job upon graduation High taxes, low services The more government offers, the less it can deliver The Constitution simply as a historical anomaly Senator Sanders feels the Bern while China, India, Vietnam, and Eastern Europe are turning to capitalism What do the formerly Communist countries know that the Senator Sanders of the 1960’s never learned? Socialism fails. It deadens human initiative It deadens the soul An oppressive bureaucracy Shortages Corruption Socialism impoverishes all but a few politically connected Equality, equality of poverty

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