Monday, May 23, 2016

Budweiser Was Sold to Inbev of Belgium, and Now Wants to Call Itself America: So Much is American No More

Budweiser Sells Out to the Belgiums; now wants to Call Itself America. Who Else is No Longer American? “Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose” Gertrude Stein “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet;” Shakespeare Americans who sold out to foreign companies are no longer American, regardless of what they call themselves. Anheuser Busch, due to incompetent management, sold out to ImBev, a Belgium brewer in 2008. Budweiser, the top selling American beer, wants to rename itself “America” through the November election. Drink a Bud/America while you watch more of America move overseas. America is for sale! Miller Brewing was sold to SAB (South African Breweries) in 2002. AMC Cinemas was acquired IN 2012 By Dalian Wanda Group, a Chinese company. AMC is now in the process of acquiring Cinemark. Smithfield Foods (Armour, Carando’s, Eckrich, Gwaltney’s, and John Morrell) are now part of China’s Shuanghui Group Nestles, the Swiss food company, now owns the following, once American brands Dreyers Edys Haagen Dazs Hot Pockets Lean Cuisine Bottled Waters Arrowhead Calistoga Deer Park Ice Mountain Ozarka Poland Springs Zephyrhills Frozen Foods DiGiorno Pizzas Hot Pockets Lean Cuisine Stouffer’s Tombstone Pizza Other Once American Companies Carnation] Gerber’s Goobers Libby Animal Foods Alpo Friskies Purina Unilever, the British-Dutch food conglomerate Best Foods Cutex Helene Curtis Hellmans Jif Pepsodent Ponds Q-Tips Vaseline Ice Cream Ben and Jerrys Breyers Fudgsicle Klondike Popsicle Sealtest Let us not forget Forbes Magazine, “The Capitalist Tool,” was sold in 2014 to Hong Kong investors. Chatten, manufacturer of ACT, Allegra, Gold Bond, Cortizone-10, Kaopectate, Dexatrim, Aspercreme, Selsum Blue, Nasacort, Unisom was acquired by Sanofi, a French company, in 2010. Henkel of Germany owns Dial Soap Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep are owned by Fiat, an Italian company. Mack Trucks are part of Volvo as are White Trucks and GMC Heavy Duty Trucks. Freightliner is owned by Mercedes Lord & Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue are owned by the Canadian Hudson Bay Company CITGO, the oil giant, is owned by the Venezuela National Oil Company British Petroleum (BP) acquired SOHIO, Amoco, and ARCO Michelin, the French tire company, owns B.F. Goodrich and Uniroyal Tires while Firestone is part of the Japanese Bridgestone Tire Company Trader Joes is owned by Aldi of Germany Giant Supermarkets and Stop & Shop are part of Royal Ahold of Sweden Holiday Inn was founded in Memphis, but now answers to British Inter Continental Hotels Caribou Coffee and Churchill’s Chicken are now out of Bahrain Drink Jim Beam, courtesy of Japan’s Suntory 7 Eleven is now also out of Japan Speedy Alka-Seltzer is part of Bayer Aspirin Electrolux of Sweden owns the American appliance makers Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Tappan, White-Westinghouse Phillips of France owns Magnavox, Philco and Sylvania LG of South Korea acquired Zenith All American no more. Just don’t call yourself America or American

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