Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Ben Carson Narrative versus the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Narratives

CNN and the Politico acted yesterday as if they caught Dr. Ben Carson in a defining “Gotcha” moment. Attack his credibility and he’s toast in the Republican primaries. This from the media, which sank to all time lows during the CNBC Debate Debacle. Dr. Carson wrote in his 1996 memoir, “Gifted Hands,” that he met General Westmoreland in Detroit. The story goes that the general was so impressed by the top ranking Junior ROTC cadet that the general offered him a scholarship to West Point. For that he has been pilloried today. We know that West Point generally does not offer scholarships because tuition is free. We also know that West Point usually needs a Congressional or Presidential recommendation for admission. We are told that General Westmoreland was not in Detroit when Dr. Carson said he met him. We are told that West Point has no record of applying to the Academy. We are told no scholarships were available. Hence, Dr. Carson has misspoken, if not outright lied. Therefore, we should not believe his otherwise great personal story. Therefore Dr. Carson’s campaign is toast. Or not! Dr. Carson was a teenager coming out of Detroit. The odds are that he would not know the difference between free tuition and a scholarship. We also know that some cadets get in by essentially bypassing the normal admissions route. We also know that no evidence exists that Dr. Carson and General Westmoreland did not meet. His memory could have been off as to the timing. The media is flyspecking Dr. Carson, as hey did with Governor Palin 8 years ago when scores of reporters “parachuted” into Wasilla, Alaska looking for “dirt” on the Governor. By way of comparison we have the media’s kids glove approach to Senator Obama. Senator Obama said in his book, “Dreams of My Father,” that he was a cocaine snorting druggie in college. Apparently no one in the media checked out the veracity of his story to interview his fellow junkies. The media was not interested in his collegiate criminal activity, but obsessed over the claim that Mitt Romney may have bullied a high school classmate. The Senator wrote about his unnamed girlfriend, but actually didn’t. She was non-existent. He wrote about a composite girl friend, like his composite Julia in his 2012 campaign. His girlfriend was a work of fiction. The media applauded. The media was unconcerned about his college and law school academic records, but were focused on the supposed stupidity of Governor George W. Bush, not to mention President Reagan. Senator Obama claimed never to have heard the rabid anti-Americanism, Liberation Theology in 20 years of worshiping at the church of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who presided at his marriage. The media accepted at face value his incredulous denials. The erstwhile, all-inquiring media has not followed up on the hours-gap when President Obama seemingly dropped off the map when the Benghazi attack was underway. Then we have the Presidential lies, including “shovel ready jobs” and “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” etc. Barely a peep from the mainstream media! And that brings us to Secretary Hillary Clinton, who the great William Safire referred to on January 8, 1996 as a “congenital liar.” Her mendacious history is too extensive to detail in this blog. We need only go back to the 27 year old attorney for the 1974 House Judiciary Committee, which was investigating President Nixon during the Watergate scandal. Jerry Zeifman, the Democratic Chief Counsel fired her for lying. He called her an “unethical and dishonest lawyer.” We have her Brian Williams moment when she hurriedly scrambled to escape sniper fire while landing in Bosnia, presumably to write the cover memos claiming the Benghazi attack was based on a video. Her testimony before the House last week was shown to be a lie because her emails to her daughter and the President of Egypt acknowledged the attack was a terrorist attack. Video in Bosnia showed her nonchalantly walking to the terminal. The media called her debate appearance a masterpiece and decided it clinched her nomination since the Republicans failed to land blows on her The double standard of the media was on display yet again yesterday for all to see. Conservatives are rallying to Dr. Carson’s defense. His media enemies have unknowlingly become his biggest supporters today.

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