Thursday, November 19, 2015

President Francois Hollande and President Obama: A Contrast in Leadership

Both President Hollande of France and president Obama of the United tates entered office as socialists President Hollande is an avowed socialist where President Obama was a closet socialist. He hid it from most voters, but any doubts should have been removed with the Toledo impromptu debate between Joe the Plumber and candidate Obama. The Senator’s redistributionist views were present for all to see and hear. Both entered office with left wing economics. President Hollande’s initial acts met with substantial resistance and were a failure in advancing the economy. He was smart enough to back off. President Obama gave us the non-shovel ready Stimulus Bill, the bloated budget, and government dependency across the board, especially with the failing ObamaCare. President Hollande never forgot France’s historic role. It continues to use its military, especially the French Foreign Legion, to promote stability in its former African colonies, if they seek assistance. President Obama has steadily been running away from America’s role over the past seven decades as the stabilizing force in the world. He does not believe in American Exceptionalism, but rather America as an Imperialistic force in the world. Thus, he has steadily shrunk the military and ceded Ukraine to Russia, the Mideast to Iran and Russia, and the South China Sea to China. He went out of his ay to insult England and Israel, our two most steadfast allies since 1949. He apologized to much of the rest of the world for America being America. He hailed and backed the “Arab Spring,” fro which as sprung the chaos of Libya and Syria. He pulled all forces out of Iraq, opening the door to the birth of ISIS. ISIS s the defining moment for both Presidents. President Hollande responded to the Charlie assassinations with severe force against ISIS. He responded to the recent Paris attacks by calling it an act of war by ISIS, and further unleashing his military on the Islamic terrorists. He has also fought against the burgeoning anti-Semitism in Europe. President Obama, on the other hand, has proven himself to be worse than either Neville Chamberlain of the Munich Appeasement and the failed Presidency of Jimmy Carter. Both recognized, albeit too late, that their policies failed. He said the day before the Paris bombings that ISIS was contained. Indeed, his National Security Advisor, the proven incompetent Susan Rice, is going around even today saying that ISIS is contained. We know it because its conquered territory has shrunk by 25%. Let’s think about that a moment. A doctor manages to reduce the size of a cancer tumor by 25%, but the cancer has already metastasized through the body. ISIS is in Libya and Lebanon, and its acolytes are popping up over the world. Radical Islam is a cancer upon civilization. He said ISIS was contained after ISIS had just blown the Russian airliner out of the sky and then bomber Beirut and Baghdad. He said ISIS was contained the day before the ISIS cell killed 129 in Paris. He referred to the Paris terrorist attack as a “setback.” President Hollande referred to the attacks as Act of War. The pentagon then proudly announced that it had taken out 116 ISIS fuel trucks. All is not as it sounds. The Pentagon warned the drivers to get out of the way before the A-10 Warthogs (which the Pentagon wants to scrap) and the C-47 gunships destroyed them. The French and Russian air attacks have no such qualms. A tank, fuel truck, APC, or other vehicle of ISIS should be subject to attack onsight. They are targets of opportunity for almost every other military. Russia said its pilots have freedom to hit at will in Syria The Obama White House Rules of Engagement are so strict that the military and drone attacks cannot put civilians at risk. They are micro-managing the battle against ISIS to a greater extent than the LBJ White House micro-managed the bombing campaign in Vietnam. Wars are not decided by the conquest of territory, but by the defeat of the enemy forces. President Obama resorts to ridicule and sarcasm in attacking his political enemies, but cannot use the phrase “Radical Islam.” If you do not even know who your enemies are, then you cannot defeat them. Secretary of State John Kerry said last Tuesday that the terrorists had a “rationale” in attacking Cherlie Hebdo on January 7. He walked the remarks back on Wednesday, but once again we have an insight into the real thinking of the Obama Administration. Is America at risk? Ask yourselves: Does ISIS have the desire to attack the United States? Answer: Yes Ask yourselves: Does ISIS have the will to attack the United States? Answer: Yes The attack on Times Square almost succeeded on May 1, 2010. ISIS made it clear that they intend to attack Times Square and the White House. Never underestimate the intelligence and capabilities of your enemies. Box cutters brought down the World Trade Center. Does President Obama have his head stuck in the sand like an Ostrich?

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