Monday, April 27, 2015

Subpoena The Chinese and Russians for the Clinton Emails

The House Republicans are going about it the wrong way. They’re engaged in political theatre in seeking the former Secretary of State’s emails and perhaps server to be met with frustration. The Clintons are experienced experts in the Three S Crisis Response: stonewall, spin, and slime the messenger. They’ve succeeded for over two decades. They will outdo the IRS in withholding emails. Watch the server disappear. No one will know anything. Everything is just a bunch of coincidences. The Clintons acolytes argue: “No evidence has been found that shows a conspiracy or link between the contributions and government actions” That’s because the emails are missing. The 18 missing minutes by Rosemary Woods on the Nixon tapes is minor league compared to the years of the Clintons. There is though a way to independently retrieve the missing emails irrespective of the Clintons Three S’s. Subpoena the Chinese and Russians. They undoubtedly possess the missing emails. They access so much of our nation’s governmental emails. Malware is a PLA (People’s Liberation Army) specialty. The Chinese employ about 100,000 hackers. The Russians have penetrated the Pentagon, White House, and Pentagon. We now learn that the Russians hacked into the White House Computer Center last October. President Obama’s non-confidential emails were at risk. We are told though that his confidential email on his Blackberry was protected, but conversations between the President and Ambassadors as well as policy discussions are vulnerable. We also are told that the hacking could access the email archives of people who communicated with President Obama. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter disclosed the Russians got into unclassified Pentagon computers. Chinese hackers nine times entered into the civilian computer systems of Pentagon transportation companies. They even entered malicious malware into an airline’s computer. Mike McConnell, former Director of National Security and the National Security Agency has said the “Chinese have penetrated every major corporation of any consequence in the United States.” Hacked victims include the New York Times, Bloomberg News, the United States Chamber of Commerce, NOAA, the Office of Personnel Management, the United States Postal Service, USIS (which performs security clearances for the United States), and Canada’s National Research Council. The odds that the Chinese and Russians did not attempt to hack the Secretary of State’s emails are slim to none. The odds her personal server is more secure than government’s are also slim to none, which means the Chinese and Russians have them. We can’t actually subpoena the Chinese and Russian governments. A friendly re-reset with Russia should obtain the info. Just push the button, and make sure it works this time. There’s undoubtedly a veritable treasure trove of Clinton shenanigans just about Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation in the hacked emails. Let’s tell the Russians they can retain the emails on the sweetheart uranium deal. Just let us see the rest.

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