Saturday, April 18, 2015

President Hillary Clinton's 2017 3:00AM Wakeup Call

The Clinton Campaign ran a brilliant ad in the 2008 primary campaign. The ad had a 3:00AM emergency call, waking up the President. Immediate action was necessary in light of the emergency. The ad told us we needed an experienced President who would be ready to respond in just such an emergency. We were led to believe that the tried and tested, experienced Senator Clinton was that person rather than the unseasoned Junior Senator from Illinois. The ad could not save the unsalvageable Clinton Campaign, which anticipated a Clinton coronation. The 3:00AM call was more than merely prophetic. Neither President Obama nor Secretary of State Clinton answered the 2012 pre-election 3:00AM Benghazi call. Let’s assume that Secretary Clinton is elected President in 2016. Here is her 2017 Benghazi phone call. The President is peacefully asleep when the phone rings. She picks up the antique Princess phone: “Hellloooo; what da?’ The Caller: “Madame President, Our Benghazi consulate is under attack.” A bleary eye President Clinton: “What do you expect me to do about it? Blame it on a crazed mob. And don’t phone me again on this government line. Use my private cell phone and private email. Understand?” The Caller: “But Madame President, our Ambassador is under attack.” President Clinton: “All right then. Blame it on an anti-Muslim video. Good night!” The Caller 15 minutes later: “Madame President, I am sorry to wake you up, but the Ambassador and three other Americans are dead:’ President Clinton: “I told you to blame it on the video.” The Caller: “Madame President, What video?” President Clinton: “What video? I don’t know. Go find one! That’s your job. …. . And then set up a $70,000 advertising campaign in Pakistan to denounce the video. And get me a talk at the UN so that I can apologize to the world about the video and our Freedom of Speech." Wait a minute. Now that I’m awake. Also send Susan Rice out to the talk shows. Susan will parrot anything we tell her. Oh, and further more, say we are looking to prosecute the producer of the video. Do you understand, or do I need to repeat myself? (very loud, strident voice).” President Clinton slams the phone down. The caller phones back 30 minutes later: “Madame President. I found a video on YouTube, 'The Innocence of Muslims.' It’s perfect.” President Clinton: “Are you absolutely certain?” The Caller: “Yes, but only 50 people have viewed it.’ President Clinton: “All the better! Remember what I told you to do. And never use the phrase: ‘Cover Up.’”

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