Monday, November 17, 2014

Gary Anderson Killed by Wayward Tape Measure

Greek Mythology had The Fates. They strung the string of life, your life. Your life was in their hands. If they cut it, you died. More recently Laugh-In had the Fickle Finger of Fate Award. As far as Forrest Gump was concerned, “S..t happens.” Gary Anderson fell victim to the Fates two weeks ago in Jersey City. Gary was delivering sheetrock to a construction site in Jersey City. He had stepped out of his truck when fate struck. He left his hardhat behind in his truck. He leaned into the cab of another truck to talk to a worker. He pulled his head out. The Fates cut his string of life. A tape measure slipped off the belt of a construction worker 50 stories above. The one pound tape measure accelerated as it rapidly sped to the ground. Professor Robert Alfano of City College estimated it reached the speed of 140MPH in the 400’ drop. The tape measure struck a piece of metal equipment about 10-15’ above the ground and ricocheted into the back of Gary Anderson’s head. He was not wearing a hardhat, but depending on the angle of impact and the velocity, it might not have mattered. Gary Anderson never knew what hit him. He was knocked unconscious around 8:40am and died a short time later in the hospital. He never knew what hit him. We can watch our health, drive defensively, minimize risks, but Forest Gump was right “S..t happens.” 36 year old Jeffrey Bush disappeared into a sinkhole in Florida which swallowed his house. His body was not recovered. Summer in Southern California lures the populace to the beaches. Sunday, July 27, 2014 was such a day at Venice Beach. 20 year old Nick Fargrano was killed and 9 injured when a surprise lightning vote stuck the ocean in the afternoon. The Fates!

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