Tuesday, September 9, 2014

President Obama Meets Today With the Leaders on the Hill: What Da?

President Obama is meeting today with Congressional Leaders: What will that tell us? How serious is he? President Obama’s priorities can be discerned by his schedule over the past 5½ years: 1) Campaign Fundraising 2) Golfing 3) Vacationing 4) Camp David 5) Sellfies 10) No Boots on the Ground 40) Meetings with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reed 50) Meetings with House Minority Leaders Nancy Pelosi 75) Smoozing members of Congress 85) Meeting individual members of Congress 95) Meeting with Republican leaders. His widely publicized golf match with Speaker Boehner a few years ago ended with the House Speaker prevailing on the links. 100) Meeting Congressional leaders And yet, there he is meeting with Democratic and Republican leaders. It must be important Or desperate! The question is he is serious, or is the President responding to falling poll numbers, which indicate he is out of touch with America’s security? Certainly his State Department is out of touch when Marie Harf, Deputy Spokesman for the State Department, gets into a spitting match with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, who criticized her companion, Jen Psaki for lacking gravitas. She called O’Reilly’s conduct “sexist, personally offensive language.” The State Department has real problems. Starting a war with O’Reilly is a waste of time. The question for us is what will President Obama say. Will he really propose a broad action against ISIS, or will he stick to his language about targeted airstrikes, but with the Free Syrian Army providing boots on the ground. The Free Syrian Army is the ineffectual “army” that has turned over munitions to ISIS. Will he begin to stop Iran’s nuclear program? Will the President start using terms, such as “War on Terror” and “Islamic Terrorists,” or is he still in a state of denial?

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