Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Drone Wars Over Disneyland?

Drone Wars, Dueling Drones Over Disneyland? Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Disney have announced forays into drones. Where is Apple? Apple already has Cloud problems. Amazon unveiled Prime Air, a proposed drone delivery system that could deliver a package within 30 minutes. The last company to guarantee 30 minute delivery was Dominos. That resulted in speeding drivers, accidents, and liability. Amazon is seeking a permit to test its system. BP has received a permit to fly drones over Alaska.It will air out its underwater technology. Google showed the world Project Wing and Project Loon. A drone delivering articles to a Queensland, Australia down a 200’ fishing line appears on a Project Wing video. The drones would also be able to provide a real time, continuous report on a disaster as well as providing relief. Facebook wants to use drones, satellites, and infrared lasers to beam internet connections to earth. Its scientists are studying the possibility though the “Facebook Interconnectivity Lab.” You will have friends in high places. Google wants to accomplish the same goal through Project Loon - an interconnected network of balloons flying 20 kilometers over the earth surface. The purpose is to deliver internet services to rural areas. In a battle over airspace a laser can beat a balloon any time. Disney has applied for three patents for drones. One is for an aerial display system with floating pixels (flixels). Walt Disney gave us animatronics. Bob Iger will bestow dronatronics on the world. The other patents would be for aerial projectors for nighttime displays and aerial marionettes and puppets. Let’s bring the patent wars, and the patent trollers, to the clouds. “Look Up in the sky It’s a bird It’s a plane It’s a flying flixel.” Disneyland’s Dueling Drones will feature flixel battles between good and evil, perhaps dodging Amazon, Facebook, and Google drones in the crowded skies, unless Disneyland becomes a no drone zone for non-Disney drones. Wouldn’t it be great to watch a High Noon shootout between the drones? No more “Cars” and its sequels. Larry the Cable Guy will be out of a stitch because cable will be grounded. Now we will watch “Drones” with drone sequels, which will drone on and on and on and on. The skies would be crowded with drones. Accidents, headons, rear ends, near misses, crashes, DWI’s (droning while intoxicated), drone jams, and droning without a license, are inevitable. Drone codes and drone police will patrol the sky with drone patrols. Then comes drone hackers and terrorists skyjacking drones. Also drug loads flying drone drugs into the country. We will have mini drones and maxi drones, all competing for parking spaces at the aerodrone. The skies will be flooded with drones, perhaps blocking the sun’s solar energy. Then come the toymakers with toy drones, baby drones, Barbie and Ken drones. Yet, none of this may come to pass. The federal bureaucracy is studying the issue. The FAA controls the airspace while NASA at Moffett Field in Silicon Valley is devising a drone traffic control system, complete with “no drone” zones. Imagine a century ago if federal bureaucrats controlled the emerging automobile and airline industries. We would still be riding bicycles and horses. Where is Apple?

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